Heroina (magazine)

Heroina (trans. Heroine) was a Croatian and former Yugoslav music magazine.

Heroina first issue cover.jpg
Cover of the first issue, featuring Davor Gobac
Editor-in-ChiefsBranko Maleš (1990-1991)
Zoran Jačimović (1994-1998)
CategoriesMusic magazine
PublisherIndependent (1990-1991)
Glas Slavonije (1994-1998)
Year founded1990
First issueDecember 14, 1990
Final issueJuly 1998
CountryYugoslavia (1990-1991)
Croatia (1994-1998)


Heorina was founded in 1990 as an independent magazine.[1] The magazine's first Editor-in-Chiefs was Branko Maleš.[1] The first issue was released on December 14, 1990, and after the sixth issue, released in June 1991, Heroina was put out.[1]

The magazine was renewed in 1994 under the name Heroina Nova (The New Heroine).[1] Nova Heroina was published by Glas Slavonije under the editorship of Zoran Jačimović.[1] The first issue was released in January 1994, and the last, 41st issue, in July 1998.[1]


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