Hermann Stadler

Stadler as a coach of Austria U-19 national team.

Hermann Stadler (born 21 May 1961) is a former Austrian footballer. He is at the moment coach of the U 16 Austrian national team.


Hermann Stadler started playing football in his local club Oberndorfer SK. His professional career started in 1979, when he came to SV Austria Salzburg. 1983 he went, together with his friend Leo Lainer, to SK Rapid Wien.[1] But in Vienna he did not play often, so he left the club and played a short time for SK VOEST Linz. Then he went back to SV Salzburg into the second league. With Salzburg he had his most successful time as player becoming two times Champion and reaching the UEFA Cup final versus Inter Mailand. His career ended in 1996 after 380 league matches (323 for Salzburg, 48 for Rapid, 9 for VOEST Linz) and 38 goals (36 for Salzburg, 2 for Rapid)[2]


He began in different positions mainly in the youth department with SV Austria Salzburg. Now he is coach of Austrias U 16 national team.


Austrian Champion

3 x: 1987 (with SK Rapid Wien), 1994, 1995 (with SV Austria Salzburg)

Austrian Cup

3 x: 1984, 1985, 1987 (with SK Rapid Wien)

Final European Cup winner Cup

1 x: 1985 (with SK Rapid Wien)


1 x 1994


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