Herman Whitaker

Herman Whitaker (January 14, 1867 in Huddersfield, England – January 20, 1919 in New York City) was a Californian writer.

Herman Whitaker

Whitaker and his family moved to the Piedmont, California hills in 1902 and took up residence in "The Bug House," which is now Blair Avenue.[1]

His family became part of the Bohemian group including Jack and Bess London and George and Carrie Sterling.[1] His daughter, Elsie Whitaker, was the subject of photographs and paintings.[1] She married Mexican-American artist Xavier Martinez (1869 – 1943) in October 1907, and they remained married until Martinez's death in 1943.

His books include The Probationer (1905), The Settler (1906), The Planter (1909), and The Mystery of the Barranca (1913), among many others.[2][3] His novel Over the Border (1916) was adapted for the John Ford western 3 Bad Men (1926).[4]


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