Herman Vanderpoortenstadion

Herman Vanderpoortenstadion (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦɛr.mɑn vɐn.dɛr.ˈpoːr.tə(n)ˌstaːdi.jɔn]) (also called Het Lisp [ətˈlɪsp]) is a multi-use stadium in Lier, Belgium. It is currently used mostly for football matches and was the home ground of Lierse between 1925 and 2018.[2] The stadium holds 14,538 [3], including 4,311 standing places, 522 business seats, 102 VIP seats and 3 loges.[2] Following the bankruptcy of Lierse in 2018, it is unclear who will be the new tenants.

Herman Vanderpoortenstadion
Het Lisp
Former namesLisperstadion
LocationLier, Belgium
Coordinates51°08′39″N 4°34′25″E / 51.14417°N 4.57361°E / 51.14417; 4.57361Coordinates: 51°08′39″N 4°34′25″E / 51.14417°N 4.57361°E / 51.14417; 4.57361
Capacity14,538 [1]
Renovated2000, 2009
Lierse Kempenzonen
The stadium in 1999, before the renovation.

It is located along the Lispersesteenweg, the road leading to Lisp, the neighbourhood of Lier where the club is located.[2] The stadium is named after Herman Vanderpoorten, a Belgian politician, former mayor of Lier between 1982 and 1984.

Stadium Lierse anno 2018


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