Heritage Square (Surat, Gujarat)

Heritage Square or Chowk Bazaar Heritage Square[1] is located in Chowk Bazaar in the old court area of Surat. Architecture in Heritage Square was built by both the British and by the Mughals.

Chowk Bazaar Heritage Square
LocationChowk Bazaar, Surat, Gujarat, India
Coordinates21°11′47″N 72°49′04″W / 21.196266°N 72.817782°W / 21.196266; -72.817782Coordinates: 21°11′47″N 72°49′04″W / 21.196266°N 72.817782°W / 21.196266; -72.817782
OwnerSurat Municipal Corporation

In 2013, Surat Municipal Corporation started re-development of Heritage Square.[2][3] It is currently managed by Surat Municipal Corporation.

Themed areas and attractionsEdit

There are seven main attractions of Heritage Square.

Surat CastleEdit

Surat Castle, also known as the old fort of Surat or Surat fort, was made by Khudawand Khan in the 16th century.[4]

Andrews LibraryEdit

Andrews Library is 175-year-old library in Surat.[5]

J.J. Training CollegeEdit

Located in front of castle was a former English school established in 1827 from the donation by Seth Sorabji Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy. Later this school was known as "Sorabji Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy High School". In 1939 the high school was closed by government to begin a college for training primary school teachers.

Old Museum buildingEdit

Old Museum was developed during the British era.

Anglican ChurchEdit

Anglican Church, known as CNI Christ Church, it the oldest church of Surat. The Anglican Church was constructed in 1824 as per the western design popular in 19th century. The construction of this church building was started in 1820 under the blessings of Mount Stuart Elphiston.[6] The main attractions of this church are a 10-foot-long (3.0 m) cross and a 300-year-old bible.[7]

Kasturba GardenEdit

Kastruba Gandhi Bal Udhyan is a historic garden near Anglican Church.

Victoria Garden (Gandhi Buag)Edit

Known today as Gandhi Buag, this garden is located near Surat Castle.

Other attractionsEdit

There are few more historic attractions near the Heritage Square:

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