Hercules Against Rome

Hercules Against Rome (Italian: Ercole contro Roma) is a 1964 peplum film directed by Piero Pierotti.[3][page needed]

Hercules Against Rome
Directed byPiero Pierotti
Produced byFortunato Misiano[1]
Screenplay by
  • Arpad DeRiso
  • Piero Pierotti[1]
Story by
  • Arpad DeRiso
  • Nino Scolaro[1]
Music byAngelo Francisco Lavagnino[1]
CinematographyAugusto Tiezzi[1]
Edited byJolanda Benvenuti[1]
  • Romana Film
  • Regina Films
  • SFF Alfred Rose[2]
Release date
  • 15 May 1964 (1964-05-15) (Italy)
Running time
94 minutes
  • Italy
  • France[2]


A childhood friend enlists Hercules to protect the Roman Emperor Gordiano, who is in danger from his own mutinous Praetorian Guards. By the time the hero reaches Italy and the temporary Roman capital of Ravenna, the guards have already murdered the mild and scholarly Emperor, replacing him with their chief officer Filippo Afro. Gordiano's daughter Ulpia faces the prospect of marrying Filippo's worthless son Rezio, linking the usurper to the imperial family. Hercules undertakes to set the situation right, rescuing Ulpia and helping the great Roman general Lucio Trajano Decio seize the throne.



Hercules Against Rome was released in Italy on 15 May 1964 with a 94-minute running time.[1] On its release in the United States, it was released at an 87-minute running time.[1]


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