Henry of Speyer

Henry of Speyer (German: Heinrich von Speyer, also Heinrich von Worms; c. 970 – 989/992), a member of the Salian dynasty, was count in the Rhenish Franconian Wormsgau. He was the father of Emperor Conrad II.

Henry of Speyer
Henry of Speyer.jpg
Depiction in the Chronica sancti Pantaleonis, about 1237
Bornc. 970
Diedbetween 989 and 992
BuriedWorms Cathedral
Noble familySalian dynasty
Spouse(s)Adelaide of Metz
IssueConrad II, Holy Roman Emperor
Judith of Speyer
FatherOtto von Worms
MotherJudith (of Bavaria?)

According to the 977 donation deed of Lambrecht Abbey, Henry was the eldest son of Count Otto von Worms (d. 1004), Duke of Carinthia from 978 to 983 and again from 995, and his wife Judith.[1] He married Adelaide of Metz (d. 1039/46),[1] a sister of the Lotharingian counts Gerhard of the Mosel, Count of Metz and Adalbert, Count of the Saargau. The marriage produced a son, Conrad (c. 990 – 1039),[2] who was elected King of the Romans in 1024 and crowned Holy Roman Emperor three years later, and a daughter, Judith. Henry's younger brother Bruno was elected Pope Gregory V in 996, his brother Conrad I succeeded their father as Duke of Carinthia in 1004.

Little is known of Henry's life, since he died at around the age of 20, even predeceasing his father Otto. He is buried in Worms Cathedral along with his daughter Judith. Adelaide outlived her husband by many years; she secondly married another Franconian count, possibly from the Elder House of Babenberg (Popponids), and died in 1046.


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