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Henry of Antioch

Henry of Antioch (b. 1198–1217, d. 18/27 of June, 1276),[1] alternately known as Henri de Poitiers or Henry of Poitiers, was the son of Bohemond IV of Antioch, Prince of Antioch and his first wife Plaisance Embriaco de Giblet.

Henry of Antioch
SpouseIsabella de Lusignan
IssueHugh III of Cyprus
Margaret of Tyre
FatherBohemond IV of Antioch
MotherPlaisance Embriaco de Giblet

In 1233 Henry married Isabella de Lusignan, the daughter of Hugh I of Cyprus and Alice of Champagne. In 1263, she was appointed regent of Jerusalem and in turn appointed Henry bailli of the kingdom.

Henry and Isabella had two children:

His children both adopted their mother's surname of "de Lusignan", founding the Second House of Lusignan.

Henry drowned at sea of Tyre in June, 1276 while sailing to Tripoli in a German ship. His body was recovered and, after the death of Hugh III, both were returned to Nicosia for burial.


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