Henry Gardinn

Henry Gardinn (died in Heusden or Maastricht, 1605) was an alleged sorcerer and werewolf.

Gardinn originated from Limburg. In 1605, he was charged with witchcraft by being a werewolf. He was accused of having transformed himself to a wolf together with two other men, one of whom was Jan Le Loup. Gardinn made a statement of confession that the three men had attacked, murdered and eaten a child in the shape of wolves. Henry Gardinn was judged guilty of witch craft for being a werewolf and was sentenced to be burned alive. It is unclear whether the execution took place in Heusden or in Maastricht. His alleged accomplice, Le Loup, left the parish but was apprehended two years later and executed as well.


Henry Gardinn was used as the role model for a werewolf in the series Spike and Suzy.

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