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Henri Testelin (1616–1695) was a French painter.

Henri Testelin
Known forPortraits of French royalty

Henri Testelin made portraits of Louis XIV, important persons and events at the French court.[1] Several of his paintings can be seen in the palace of Versailles. The portraits, like the one of the young Louis XIV, show the influence of Jean Nocret and Le Brun.

Testelin was born in Paris. He was secretary of Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture from 1650 and professor from 1656; in his role as secretary he published Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de l'academie. In 1680 he published a book[2] on art theory. Testelin was dismissed from the Academy in 1681, because he was Protestant. He left France and went to Holland in the Dutch Republic, where he died in The Hague.

Works of Testelin

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