Zhongyuan Tower

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Zhongyuan Tower, also known as Henan Radio and Television Tower, is located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. It is a multi-functional commercial, artistic and cultural center integrating radio and television broadcasting, tourism, cross-border trade, cultural performance, catering and leisure.[4]The tower is 268 meters high and the top antenna is 120 meters high, with a total height of 388 meters.[5] It is the world's second tallest steel tower after the Tokyo Skytree.[citation needed]

Zhongyuan Tower
中原福塔 (zhōngyuán fútǎ)
Alternative namesHenan Province Radio & Television Tower
The Fortaleza
Fortune Tower
General information
TypeSteel freestanding tower
AddressHanghai East Road and Airport Expressway interchange, Zhengdong
Town or cityZhengzhou, Henan province
Coordinates34°43′29″N 113°43′22″E / 34.72472°N 113.72278°E / 34.72472; 113.72278Coordinates: 34°43′29″N 113°43′22″E / 34.72472°N 113.72278°E / 34.72472; 113.72278
Construction started2007
CompletedFebruary, 2011
CostCN¥ 836,000,000
Architectural388 m (1,273 ft)
Tip388 m (1,273 ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectRenle Ma

Architectural featuresEdit

The tower is 388 meters high, consumes 22,000 tons of steel, and the heaviest component is 40.2 tons. The steel structure is treated with hot-dip galvanized fluorocarbon paint technology, and the steel component is connected with high-strength bolts. The amount of high-strength bolts is nearly 850,000, and the installation accuracy is 99.98%. It is a perfect combination of modern architecture and art, and its high-strength bolt connection is a great breakthrough in the history of tower construction instead of high-altitude welding technology.

Design conceptsEdit

The outer surface of Zhongyuan tower is a hyperbolic parabola with novel appearance, unique structure and beautiful shape. From the air, the Zhongyuan tower looks like a plum blossom with five petals.The plum blossom is the provincial flower of Henan province.Five petals are homophonic with "five blessings" in Chinese. Looking up from the ground, the tower is like a static fireworks that spins upward and flies gracefully.The shape of the tower base is like a tripod, which was a symbol of power and prestige in ancient China.The shape of the tower is like the ancient Chinese musical instrument group "Chime Bells", which symbolizes the communication function of the tower.

Structure and functionEdit

Zhongyuan tower is divided into four parts: tower base, tower body, tower and mast.

The outer wall of the tower is decorated with reliefs: Relief 1: Nü wa creates mankind; Relief 2: Hou Yi shot down the sun. Relief 3: Shen Nong tastes herbs; Relief 4: Fuxi painting Bagua; Relief 5: the store of luoshen; Relief 6: The Foolish old man removes the mountains; Relief 7:Lo Shu Square, Relief 8: Cangjie creates words, Relief 9:Chang'e flies to the moon: Relief 10: Jingwei fills up the sea; relief 11: Xuan bird creates Shang ; relief 12: Suiren products fire; relief 13: PanGu ocreates the world.

The first floor of the base: henan cross-border trade exhibition and trading center.The second floor of the tower is 6.9 meters high, with VIP hall, press conference hall, tourist service center and other supporting facilities.Three and four floors of the tower: the largest panoramic painting in the world -- Jing Xiu Zhongyuan.Ninety-seventh floor of tower has sightseeing service facilities.The 98th floor of the tower is 255 meters above the ground, with a construction area of 975 square meters and an operating area of 780 square meters. The revolving restaurant is located there.The 101st floor of the tower is 265 meters above the ground level, with a building area of 1,142 square meters and an operating area of 940 square meters. Here the main business projects for high-altitude adventure projects.[6]

History of constructionEdit

In February 2005, the project was approved by the national development and reform commission, PRC.

In April 2006, the preliminary design of Zhongyuan tower began.

In November 2006, the design scheme of Zhongyuan tower was obtained by the architectural design and research institute of Tongji university.

On December 27, 2006, the construction of Zhongyuan tower began formally.

In March 2007, construction of zhongyuan fortune tower began.

In October 2009, Zhongyuan tower was completed.[7]

Zhongyuan tower at night.


The tower received the Zhan Tianyou civil engineering prize from China Civil Engineering Society in March, 2012.[8]

The panorama painting "Jin Xiu Zhongyuan" in the third and fourth floor center of the tower of fortune tower in central China was selected by the Guinness world records as the largest panoramic painting in the world on April 26, 2011.[9]

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