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The Wikipedia:Article titles Ā§Ā Disambiguation policy describes the four methods for disambiguation of Wikipedia article titles.

Wikipedia:Incomplete disambiguation is the Wikipedia editing guideline for marking disambiguated titles with {{R from incomplete disambiguation}}.

If a title is ambiguous, but hasn't been partially disambiguated, then it should be marked with {{R from ambiguous term}} instead, and it should redirect to a page or list with a different title that disambiguates it.

The following table lists examples illustrating the application of the disambiguation policy and incomplete disambiguation guideline. "Descriptive titles" should always be unique titles.

Incomplete parenthetical disambiguation is by far the most common form of incomplete disambiguation.

Incomplete disambiguation: examples
Type of disambiguation Incompletely disambiguated title Redirects back to disambiguation page Example completely disambiguated title
Natural disambiguation Peacock butterfly Peacock (disambiguation) Peacock pansy
Comma-separated disambiguation Caledonia Township, Michigan Caledonia Township Caledonia Township, Kent County, Michigan
Parenthetical disambiguation For Men Only (film) For Men Only For Men Only (1952 film)