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The charts below show how the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Romansh language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-rm}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

IPA Examples English approximation
b bun; bler bike
d dent; dubel done
[1] agid; jet similar to the /dʒ/ in jab
f fitg; flad; clav fast
ɡ gat; galant gas
k carr; architect; aug; kiosc; quai scar
l lavar; milli; val lip
ʎ egl; glieud; bigliet roughly like million
m milli; um mother
n nanin; onns nest
ŋ lung; lunga sing
ɲ bogn; gnerv roughly like canyon
p palpiri; appartament; verb spin
r[2] radical; carr; meglra roughly like water (American English)
s vossa; nus sorry
ʃ schanza; glisch; puspè; scopo ship
t teater; ti; agid star
ts cifra; bellezza; zunt cats
[3] chasa; tge similar to the /k/ in key
Rumantsch chip
v grava; watt vent
z casa; rosa zipper
ʒ sbagl; Svizra; branscha; Grischun measure
j juvel; Italia; yak you
w quel; ual; walkman wine
Marginal consonant
h[4] haluncs; hobi hat
Dialectal consonant
ç[5] amih hue
IPA Examples English approximation
a banc; clav roughly like father
ə ~ ɐ[6] casa; mellen comma or roughly like gut
e bler; pér roughly like pay
ɛ è; pèr bed
i ti; istoric see
o biro; ovra roughly like law (British English)
ɔ pom; toc off
u[7] bun; udir too
Dialectal vowels[8]
ø chaschöl roughly like hurt
y tü roughly like cute (American English)
IPA Examples English approximation
ˈ comba [ˈkɔmbɐ] bottle
ˌ libramain [ˌlibrəˈmaːin] intonation
. gïun [dʒi.ˈun] moai
ː dar [daːr] long vowel


  1. ^ Also transcribed as [ɟ] by some linguists.
  2. ^ Some dialects pronounce [ʁ].
  3. ^ Also transcribed as [c] by some linguists.
  4. ^ Only in interjections and loanwards.
  5. ^ Only in some dialects.
  6. ^ This pronunciation varies between the two realizations.
  7. ^ Some dialects pronounce it as [o] or [ʊ].
  8. ^ Only in Putèr and Vallader dialects and German words.