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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Northern Thai language pronunciations. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see {{IPA-nod}} and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

IPA Thai alphabet Tai Tham English approximation
b Lanna-23.png abash
d ฎ,ด Lanna-17.png ado
f ฝ,ฟ Lanna-26.png,Lanna-28.png food
h ห,ฮ Lanna-38.png,Lanna-32.png,Lanna-41.png head
j ย,อย,หย Lanna-44.png yak
k Lanna-1.png,Lanna-4.png scan
l ล,ฬ,หล Lanna-33.png,Lanna-32.png,Lanna-39.png leaf
m ม,หม Lanna-30.png much
n ณ,น,หน Lanna-16.png,Lanna-22.png not
ŋ ง,หง Lanna-7.png bang
ɲ Lanna-13.png,Lanna-31.png canyon
p Lanna-24.png,Lanna-27.png span
ผ,พ,ภ Lanna-25.png,Lanna-29.png pan
r ร,หร Lanna-32.png roughly like water (American English)
s ฉ,ช,ฌ,ซ,ศ,ษ,ส Lanna-9.png,Lanna-11.png,Lanna-12.png,Lanna-35.png,Lanna-36.png,Lanna-37.png sue
t ฏ,ต Lanna-14.png,Lanna-18.png,Lanna-20.png stable
ฐ,ฑ,ฒ,ถ,ท,ธ Lanna-15.png,Lanna-15-5.png,Lanna-19.png,Lanna-21.png table
t͡ɕ Lanna-8.png,Lanna-10.png question
w ว,หว Lanna-34.png way
x ข,ฃ,ค,ฅ,ฆ Lanna-2.png,Lanna-3.png,Lanna-5.png,Lanna-6.png can
ʔ อ, ะ Lanna-40.png,Lanna-aq.png the catch in uh-oh
IPA Description
= āː mid [aː˧]
àː low [aː˨˩] or [aː˩]
âː falling [aː˥˩]
a᷇ː high falling [aː˥˧]
áː high [aː˦˥]
ǎː rising [aː˨˦]
IPA Thai Alphabet[1] Tai Tham script English approximation
Short vowels
a ◌ะ, ◌ั◌ Lanna-aq.png, Lanna-sat.png cut
e เ◌ะ, เ◌็◌ Lanna-e.pngLanna-aq.png, Lanna-e.pngLanna-sat.png roughly like say
ɛ แ◌ะ, แ◌็◌ Lanna-ae.pngLanna-aq.png, Lanna-ae.pngLanna-sat.png roughly like bat
i ◌ิ, ◌ิ◌ Lanna-i.png, Lanna-Pali-i.png happy
o โ◌ะ, ◌◌ Lanna-o.pngLanna-aq.png,Lanna-kong.png go without u sound (shorter)
ɔ เ◌าะ, ◌็อ◌ Lanna-o.pngLanna-or-in.pngLanna-aq.png off
u ◌ุ, ◌ุ◌ Lanna-u.png,Lanna-Pali-u.png loot (shorter)
ɯ ◌ึ, ◌ึ◌ Lanna-ue.png good
ɤ เ◌อะ Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.pngLanna-aq.png roughly like hurt (shorter)
Long vowels
◌า, ◌า◌ Lanna-aa.png,Lanna-aa-luang.png bra
เ◌, เ◌◌ Lanna-e.png◌,Lanna-Pali-e.png play
ɛː แ◌, แ◌◌ Lanna-ae.png roughly like man
◌ี, ◌ี◌ Lanna-ii.png green
โ◌, โ◌◌ Lanna-o.png◌,Lanna-o.pngLanna-aa.png go without u sound
ɔː ◌อ, ◌อ◌ Lanna-ang.png,Lanna-or-in.png dog
◌ู, ◌ู, Lanna-uu.png moon
ɯː ◌ือ, ◌ื◌ Lanna-ueue.png good (longer)
ɤː เ◌อ, เ◌ิ◌ Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.png roughly like fur
iaʔ, iəʔ เ◌ียะ Lanna-e.pngLanna-sat.pngLanna-yy.png No English equivalent
ia, iə เ◌ีย, เ◌ีย◌ Lanna-e.pngLanna-sat.pngLanna-medial-y.png idea
uaʔ, uəʔ ◌ัวะ Lanna-ua.pngLanna-aq.png No English equivalent
ua, uə ◌ัว, ◌ว◌ Lanna-ua.png poor (British English)
ɯaʔ, ɯəʔ เ◌ือะ Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.pngLanna-aq.png No English equivalent
ɯa, ɯə เ◌ือ, เ◌ือ◌ Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.png No English equivalent


  1. ^ Vowels diacritics are shown on a dotted circle "◌".