Helong Sports Center Stadium

He Long Sports Center Stadium (simplified Chinese: 贺龙体育场; traditional Chinese: 賀龍體育場; pinyin: Hèlóng Tǐyùchǎng) is a multi-purpose stadium in Changsha, Hunan province, China. It is named after the Communist military leader He Long, who was born in the same province.

He Long Sports Center Stadium
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Full name贺龙体育场
LocationChangsha, China
Coordinates28°10′54.32″N 112°58′38.29″E / 28.1817556°N 112.9773028°E / 28.1817556; 112.9773028Coordinates: 28°10′54.32″N 112°58′38.29″E / 28.1817556°N 112.9773028°E / 28.1817556; 112.9773028
OperatorIRENA Group
BuiltNovember 1991
Hunan Billows F.C.,
football matches

The stadium is currently used mostly for football matches. It holds 55,000 people, and was constructed in 1987.[1] The stadium is an all-seater, with a roof covering all spectators.

FIFA International A MatchesEdit

Date Home vs Away Competitions Goals
2005-05-19   China PR 2–2   Costa Rica FIFA Friendly Match Zhang Yaokun, Mauricio Solis, Ronald Gomez, Sun Xiang
2006-11-15   China PR 1–1   Iraq 2007 AFC Asian Cup Qualifyings Han Peng, Ahmad Salah Alwan
2013-03-22   China PR 1–0   Iraq 2015 AFC Asian Cup Qualifyings Yu Dabao
2014-10-14   China PR 2–1   Paraguay FIFA Friendly Match Zheng Zhi, Wu Lei, Néstor Ortigoza
2015-03-27   China PR 2–2   Haiti FIFA Friendly Match Jeff Louis, Yang Xu, Wilde-Donald Guerrier, Yu Dabao
2015-11-12   China PR 12–0   Bhutan 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification Yang Xu (4), Yu Dabao (2), Yu Hanchao (2), Wang Yongpo (2), Mei Fang, Zhang Xizhe
2017-03-23   China PR 1–0   South Korea 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification Yu Dabao

Notable EventsEdit

Jacky Cheung - A Classic Tour - 25 December 2017

Joker Xue - Skyscraper World Tour - 21 September 2018


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