Helix Kitten

Helix (also known as APT34 by FireEye, OILRIG) is a hacker group identified by CrowdStrike as Iranian.[1][2]

Helix Kitten
بچه گربه هلیکس
Formationc. 2004–2007[1]
TypeAdvanced persistent threat
PurposeCyberespionage, cyberwarfare
MethodsZero-days, spearphishing, malware
Official language
Formerly called


The group has reportedly been active since at least 2014.[1] It has targeted many of the same organizations as Advanced Persistent Threat 33, according to John Hultquist.[1]

In April 2019, APT34's cyber-espionage tools' source code was leaked through Telegram.[3][4]


The group has reportedly targeted organizations in the financial, energy, telecommunications, and chemical industries, as well as critical infrastructure systems.[1]


APT34 reportedly uses Microsoft Excel macros, PowerShell-based exploits and social engineering to gain access to its targets.[1]


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