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Grave in Jena

Helene Theodora Voigt-Diederichs (May 28, 1875 – December 3, 1961) was a German writer.[1]

The daughter of Christian Theodor Voigt and Marie Louise Brinckmann, she was born Helene Theodora Voigt on the family estate Marienhoff near Eckernförde[1] and was educated by private tutors.[2] Voigt sent Hermann Hesse a "fan letter" after reading one of his poems in 1897 and the two continued to exchange letters for a number of years.[3] In 1898, she married the publisher Eugen Diederichs. She moved with him to Jena; after they separated in 1911, she moved to Brunswick but returned to Jena in 1931.[2] She died in Jena at the age of 86.[1]

Selected works[2]Edit

Aus Kinderland cover
  • Regine Vosgerau, novel (1901)
  • Unterstrom, lyrics (1901), inspired by Jens Peter Jacobsen
  • Dreiviertel Stund vor Tag (Three-quarters of an hour before day-break), novel (1905)
  • Aus Kinderland (The land of children), stories (1907)
  • Wandertage in England (Wandering in England), travelogue (1912)
  • Mann und Frau (Husband and wife), stories (1921)
  • Marienhoff, biography (1925), describes her mother's life
  • Ring um Roderich (A ring around Roderick), novel (1929)
  • Der grüne Papagei (The green parrot), stories (1934)
  • Gast in Siebenbürgen (A guest in Siebenbürgen), travelogue (1936)
  • Das Verlöbnis (The engagement), novel (1942)
  • Der Zaubertrank (The enchanted drink), stories (1948)
  • Die Bernsteinkette (The amber necklace), stories (1951)
  • Waage des Lebens (The scale of life), novel (1952)


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