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Helen LaKelly Hunt

Helen LaKelly Hunt (born 1949) is an American philanthropist and feminist. The daughter of H. L. Hunt, she grew up in Dallas, Texas. After graduating from the Hockaday School and Southern Methodist University, she earned a master's degree in clinical psychology and a Ph.D. in church history.[1]

Life and careerEdit

She is founder and president of The Sister Fund, which describes itself as "a private women's fund dedicated to the social, political, economic, and spiritual empowerment of women and girls."

Hunt lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Harville Hendrix, a self-help author.

Hunt was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, which cited her as a "[c]reative philanthropist who has used her own resources and others to create women's funding institutions."[2]

Helen LaKelly Hunt along with her husband developed Imago Relationship Therapy. Their son, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, is the vocalist of the American black metal band Liturgy. Their daughter, Leah Hunt-Hendrix, is an Occupy movement activist.[3] Their daughter Kimberly June Miller is co-author of the book Boundaries for Your Soul.[4]

Philanthropic workEdit

Current board member at The New York Women's Foundation.

Published worksEdit

Hunt has written several books on feminism, including Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance and And The Spirit Moved Them: The Lost Radical History of America's First Feminists.

She was also a contributor to the book Becoming Myself: Reflections on Growing Up Female.

Hunt has co-authored multiple books with her husband, including:

  • Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved
  • Getting the Love You Want Workbook: The New Couples' Study Guide
  • Getting the Love You Want Audio Companion: The New Couples' Study Guide
  • Receiving Love Workbook: A Unique Twelve-Week Course for Couples and Singles
  • Making Marriage Simple: Ten Truths for Changing the Relationship You Have into the One You Want
  • Hendrix, Harville (2017). The Space Between : The Point of Connection / Harville Hendrix ; Helen LaKelly Hunt. Franklin, TN: Clovercroft Publishing. ISBN 978-1945507366.


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