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Heinrich Ludwig Julius Heppe (March 30, 1820, Kassel, Hessen-Kassel – July 25, 1879, Marburg) was a German Calvinist theologian and church historian.

In 1844 he earned his doctorate from the University of Marburg, where he was a student of Orientalist Hermann Hupfeld (1796–1866). From 1845 he served as a pastor at St. Martin Church in Kassel. In 1850 he became an associate professor of theology at Marburg, where he attained full professorship in 1864.

Heppe specialized in the field of dogmatics, and excelled in the study of Hessian church history. At Marburg, he was a prime antagonist to the strict Confessional Lutheranism that was espoused by professor August Friedrich Christian Vilmar (1800–1868).

Written worksEdit

Among his published works was an 1861 textbook, titled Reformierte Dogmatik that was later translated into English and published as "Reformed Dogmatics". Other noted works by Heppe include:


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