Heinrich Christian Boie

Heinrich Christian Boie (19 July 1744 – 3 March 1806) was a German author.

Heinrich Christian Boie.

He was born at Meldorf in Holstein (at the time a part of the Danish monarchy). After studying law at Jena, he went in 1769 to Göttingen, where he became one of the leading spirits in the Göttingen "Dichterbund" or "Hain." Boie's poetic talent was mediocre, but his thorough knowledge of literature, his taste and judgment, made him an inspiration to others.

Together with FW Gotter he founded in 1770 the Göttingen Musenalmanach, which he directed and edited until 1775, when, in conjunction with CW von Dohm (1751–1820), he brought out Das deutsche Museum, which became one of the best literary periodicals of the day. In 1776 Boie became secretary to the commander-in-chief at Hanover, and in 1781 was appointed administrator of the province of Süderditmarschen in Holstein. He died at Meldorf.


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