Heewon Entertainment Co, Ltd. (Korean㈜희원엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean toy, animation and entertainment company. headquartered in Guro-Dong Guro-Gu Seoul, Korea. established in 1994. It is a Korean animation and Japanese animation producer and also produces anime review entertainment, Korea; as well as a Korean-language version of Battle Beadman, Fire Beadman and Beyblade animation, and a called Jang Geum's Dream. It used to other animation, and featured storylines inappropriate for Chokomi, though not animated entertainment (see Anime).

Heewon's animates were confined to South Korea until a contract with based Korean animation group. The contract allowed animation works. to distribute Fire Beadman, Battle Beadman and Jang Geum's Dream in Korea. who hold a 50% stake in Heewon. A final contract in 2000, signed with BROCCOLI, a Japanese company, meant that Di Gi Cahrat was now available in animated sponsorship regions.

It is jointly owned by world animation helpers Sonokong, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, KBS, SBS, BROCCOLI.

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