Hedwig of Formbach

Hedwig of Formbach (c. 1058 – c. 1090), was the daughter of Frederick, count of Formbach and of Gertrude of Haldensleben,[1] and heiress to Süpplingenburg Castle.[2] She was the mother of Emperor Lothair II.

Hedwig of Formbach
Bornc. 1058
Diedc. 1090
FatherFrederick of Formbach
MotherGertrude of Haldensleben


Hedwig’s first husband was Gebhard of Supplinburg.[1] According to the Sächsische Weltchronik, Gebhard had to overcome the resistance of his rivals, the Counts of Goseck, relatives of Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen, who tried to have the marriage annulled. After Gebhard’s death in June 1075 at the Battle of Langensalza, Hedwig married Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine (as his first wife).[3]


With Gebhard, Hedwig had two children:

  • Emperor Lothair II.
  • Ida (d.1138), who married Sighard IX (d.1104), count of Tengling, Schala and Burghausen.[1]

With Theoderic, Hedwig had:


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