Heavenly Market enclosure

The Heavenly Market Enclosure (天市垣, Tian Shi Yuan), is one of the San Yuan or Three enclosures. Stars and constellations of this group are visible during late summer and early autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (late winter and early spring in the Southern). The Summer Triangle lies directly to the northwest.


The asterisms are :

English name Chinese name Number of stars Western Constellation Additional notes Representing
Left Wall 天市左垣 11 Hercules / Serpens / Ophiuchus / Aquila Consists of :
  • Wei region (魏) → 1st star
  • Zhao region (趙) → 2nd star
  • Jiuhe region (九河) → 3rd star
  • Zhongshan region (中山) → 4th star
  • Qi region (齊) → 5th star
  • Wu region and Yue region (吳越) → 6th star
  • Xu region (徐) → 7th star
  • Donghai region (東海) → 8th star
  • Yan region (燕) → 9th star
  • Nanhai region (南海) → 10th star
  • Song region (宋) → 11th star
Eleven cities (star) in the left
Right Wall 天市右垣 11 Serpens / Ophiuchus / Hercules Consists of :
  • Hezhong region (河中) → 1st star
  • Hejian region (河間) → 2nd star
  • Jin region (晉) → 3rd star
  • Zheng region (鄭) → 4th star
  • Zhou region (周) → 5th star
  • Qin region (秦) → 6th star
  • Shu region (蜀) → 7th star
  • Ba region (巴) → 8th star
  • Liang region (梁) → 9th star
  • Chu region (楚) → 10th star
  • Han region (韓) → 11th star
Eleven cities (star) in the right
Municipal Office 市樓 6 Serpens / Ophiuchus Government organization
Commodity Market 車肆 2 Ophiuchus Department Store Market
Official for the Royal Clan 宗正 2 Ophiuchus Officials in charge of royal affairs
Official of Religious Ceremonies 宗人 4 Ophiuchus Royal bulk, or ritualists of the Zhou Dynasty
Patriarchal Clan 2 Hercules Imperial consultant
Textile Ruler 帛度 2 Hercules Scale, or the cloth market
Butcher's Shops 屠肆 2 Hercules Slaughter market
Astrologer 1 Ophiuchus Official who responsible for observing astronomical phenomena
Emperor's Seat 帝座 1 Hercules Refers to the Great Emperor
Eunuch Official 宦者 2 Hercules / Ophiuchus Superintendent of the eunuch
Jewel Market 列肆 2 Ophiuchus / Serpens Gem and treasure market
Dipper for Liquids 5 Hercules The apparatus to take the liquid
Dipper for Solids 4 Hercules / Ophiuchus The apparatus to take the solid
Coiled Thong 貫索 9 Corona Borealis The civilian population in prison, or rope market
Seven Excellencies 七公 7 Hercules / Boötes Seven high rank Government Officials
Celestial Discipline 天紀 9 Hercules / Corona Borealis Officials who maintain discipline the world, or to record of livestock
Woman's Bed 女床 3 Hercules The emperor's concubines, or bird market, or the name of a mountain
Tiān Shì Yuán map

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