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Heart of Greed (Traditional Chinese: 溏心風暴) was a 2007 grand production drama by Hong Kong's TVB. It stars Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Louise Lee, Ha Yu, Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Lai Lok-yi, Fala Chen and Louis Yuen.

Heart Of Greed
Heart of Greed.jpg
Heart Of Greed official poster
GenreModern Drama
Written byCheung Wah Biu
Sit Ga Wah
StarringLouise Lee
Ha Yu
Michelle Yim
Susanna Kwan
Moses Chan
Bosco Wong
Raymond Lam
Linda Chung
Tavia Yeung
Yoyo Mung
Lai Lok-yi
Fala Chen
Louis Yuen
Opening themeSpeechless (講不出聲) by Susanna Kwan
Ending themeMy Heart Understands (心領) by Raymond Lam & Linda Chung
Country of originHong Kong
Original language(s)Cantonese
No. of episodes40 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Lau Kar Ho
Production location(s)Hong Kong
Running time45 minutes per episode
Original networkTVB Jade
Picture format16:9 576i (SDTV)
Original release9 April –
1 June 2007
Related showsMoonlight Resonance (2008)
Heart and Greed (2017)
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The reception was excellent for the series, and subsequently led it to win many of the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2007, including the 'Best Series' Award. It became 2007 highest rated series when it hit 48 points, within the final minutes of its finale.[1] The series is currently re-running on TVB's Pay Vision Classic Channel, upgrading the series status as a classic.[2]Due to the success of the series, TVB produced a spin-off Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓), and it was broadcast in 2008 featuring the majority of the original cast and a different storyline.



Tong Yan-Gai (Ha Yu) owns a dried sea-products and abalone store. He is married to Ling Hau (Louise Lee) and also has a second wife called Wong Sau-Kam. He has 4 children: Tong Chi-On (Moses Chan), Tong Chi-Yat (Bosco Wong), Tong Chi-Yan (Fala Chen) through Ling Hau, and Tong Chi-Foon (Lai Lok-yi) through Wong Sau-Kam (Susanna Kwan). Hau had cancer and did not expect to survive and wanted Gai to be happy with another woman. Hau wanted Kam to take care of him after she died, but fortunately she recovered. Kam thinks that she has no power in the family because she has no true status (she is not truly legally married to Gai) and becomes a woman stirring a range of petty acts that tend to haunt her in full circles. She seeks the family fortune and in order to do that she causes trouble in the family. Hau, a wise lady pulled the family back together and turned their frowns into smiles. However, Hau becomes extremely frustrated and angry at Kam and expels her from the house, and this lead into Hau's cancer resurface, and she continually faints. One day in the hospital, Hau lies on her deathbed, and Kam comes to beg for forgiveness for her past actions. She is unable to speak, but she finally mutters a few words only audible to the ears of Tong Chi-Foon. Her words are "普通朋友", which means "ordinary friend." Foon, however, lies to everybody and says that Hau said that Kam is forgiven. The incentive of this is because Foon's mother has put much pressure on him to secure her a position in the family again.

It seems like a peaceful family, but Kam starts planning evil ideas with Sheung Joi-Duk (Lei Seng Cheung) and together they cause a lot of trouble in the family. They plotted for years to find a means to take the family fortune and even created public false accusations about her own family in the media. Kam formed her own support group from the worst family members and in-laws to help plot against the Tong household to gain their family fortune. After much careful planning and even going as far as contaminating public opinion about the Tong family, she drove Gai into severe illness and eventually death from stroke. Kam and Duk begin a long war against the Tong family in an attempt to invalidate the family will to take the family fortune for their own as a way to punish the Tong family's "mistreatment" towards her. The family is in mayhem for once and they have only one person who can help them, a lawyer, Sheung Joi-Sum (Linda Chung), who is also an excellent friend of Tong Chi-On and Tong Chi-Yan.


Tong FamilyEdit

Actor Role
Ha Yu Tong Yan Gai (唐仁佳)
Louise Lee Ling Hau (凌巧)
Susanna Kwan Frances Wong Sau Kam (王秀琴)
Moses Chan Tong Chi On (唐至安)
Michelle Yim Ling Lei (凌莉)
Louis Yuen Ling Bo (凌波)
Tavia Yeung Jackie Cheuk Man Lai (卓文麗)
Bosco Wong Gilbert Tong Chi Yat (唐至逸)
Lai Lok-yi Tong Chi Foon (唐至歡)
Fala Chen Tong Chi Yan (唐至欣)

Cheuk family (the in-laws)Edit

Actor Role
Lily Leung Wong Lai Mei (王麗薇)
Chan On Ying Lei Man Hong (李文紅)
Chuk Man Kwan Cheuk Man Yuk (卓文玉)
Cheng Ga Shun Cheuk Man Bong (卓文邦)


Actor Role
Linda Chung Sheung Joi Sum (常在心)
Raymond Lam Alfred Ching Leung (程亮)
Yoyo Mung Shui Ming Ha (水明霞)
Carrie Lam Lai Cheuk Lan(黎卓蘭)
Chow Chung Sheung Fung (常 峰)
Lei Seng Cheung Henry Sheung Joi Duk (常在德)
Lei Kwok Nin Dai Gin Hei (戴建熹)
Tracy Ip Cherry
Cecilia Fong Lee Yuet Ying (李月瑛)
Chan Hung Lit Chan Kwok Lit (陳國烈)
Natalie Tong Angel
Fung So Bor Mrs. Wong (黃大嫂)
Johnson Lee Wong Ga Wing (黃家榮)


Tong FamilyEdit

  • Tong Yan-Gai – Gai is a 58-year-old man who is in charge of the Tong family. He is a bubbly, fun and witty man who tries to run his family with laughs and joy. He is a self-proclaimed happy man of two wives, Ling Hau and Wong Sau Kam, four children, On, Yat, Foon, Yan and a seafood store, Tong Gei. He has a wealthy heritage and enjoys spending and giving the most of his time to his family. However, if things ever go wrong, he is known to chicken out and have no bravery whatsoever, giving him the name of Tong Yan Gwai (turtle). He is extremely protective of his children and would do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. Throughout the series, his character matures for the better, leading him to erase his Tong Yan Gwai nickname. Despite declining health due to stroke, he remember's Hau's words of wisdom in keeping his family together and he becomes a brave, generous and smart man, and he uses his newfound confidence to confront Wong Sau Kam in his final moments in life.
  • Ling Hau – Hau is a 57-year-old woman and she is the leading lady of the Tong family. Although she is a loving woman, she is extremely smart and honest and can tell who is a good person and who is a bad person. She is powerful and strong in her ways and would do anything to keep the Tong family running smoothly with smiles on their faces. She foresees Kam's plotting antics and thus she kicks her out. During her declining health and final days of life, she spent them with her family in a happy manner. Even on her death bed, she was very straightforward in her act of not letting Kam back into her family.
  • Wong Sau-Kam – Kam is a 52-year-old woman who is second in charge of the Tong family and is a mistress of Tong Yan Gai. Kam was supposed to be the spouse of Tong Yan Gai, but because HK law made it illegal to have more than one wife, she was forced to be an unofficial second wife to Gai. Kam is an ungrateful and sinister figure and she strives to her best to retrieve the six hundred million dollar fortune of the Tong family. Kam is a highly petty and arrogant figure. She's a constant schemer when it comes to making plans to make the Tong family unhappy. She easily likes people that side with her and often surround herself with unsavory characters that appeases her ego and helps her scheme ways to get what she believes the Tong family has long over due owed her. She is a smart thinker when it comes to making plans to make the Tong family unhappy. She is an unhappy woman after thinking that she would have her rightful position of the leading lady in Tong family; instead she is neglected by Hau in her cheeky ways. At the end, she realises that she had been tricked by Duk and turns for the better, regretting her mistakes and becoming family again with the family.
  • Tong Chi-On – On is a 30-year-old man who strives to do his best for the Tong family. He has a helpful attitude toward his friends and family and keeps the smiles on everybody's faces. Although his manner is regarded as loving and caring, he is gullible in his relationships and trusts in people too easily often leading to disastrous results. His greatest desire is to find his real family as he is an adopted son of the Tong family and not of true blood, it turns out he is really Gai's son with a third woman. His love interest is Sheung Joi Sum and although she doesn't love him, he still cares for her. He is a comic character in the beginning but by the end he matures greatly. He stands in the place of Hau after her death and is also straightforward in his acts, rejecting Kam's return to the family (much to the dismay of his father).
  • Tong Chi-Yat, Tong Chi Foon, Tong Chi Yan – The remaining of Gai's children are 26, 21, and 17 years old respectively. Yat is an ambitious figure who strives to run a happy family with his controversial chain-smoking model wife, Cheuk Man-Lai (Tavia Yeung). Although Yat is ambitious, he listens to his mother and similar to her in the way he is also straightforward. He is a figure that forgives and forgets. Foon is Kam's only son and he is a growing filmmaker who has just graduated. Foon is an innocent figure who suffers greatly from Kam's sudden outbursts which lead to her getting into trouble with family. He is character trying to find his place in a family without his mother. Yan is a youthful and playful figure who is always a pleasure to be around. She is a flirty figure at the beginning but slowly matures during the series. She loves her family members but can be very moody when she discovers that some of them are traitors.
  • Ling Lei – Lei is a 45-year-old woman. She is the sister of Hau and is extremely biased and moody, especially against Kam. She wants the best for the Tong family and is the main reason for the Tong family's wealth. She, like her sister is straightforward and willing to forgive and forget. She stands in place of Hau and Gai after their deaths. She is loving of her family but strict in many ways.
  • Ling Bo – Bo is the 37-year-old greedy brother of Hau and Lei. He was a loving uncle when Hau was around, but became greedy after being bribed with cheques by Kam to side with her. He was invited join Kam's side for a stake in the family assets, and created uproars in the Tong family after gambling away large sums of money from his family's bank account. He also developed a great dislike to On, who mistakened Bo of stealing more money.
  • Cheuk Man Lai Jackie and her family – Lai is a 26-year-old woman. She started off as a controversial chain-smoking model, with a violent husband who she had no more feelings with. However, she continued to respect her husband's father and tried to conceal the details about her affair with Yat. After her divorce with her husband, she entered the Tong family, but very few people accepted her, including Hau. After the realisation of her mistakes, Hau accepts her. After she is accepted into the family and through thorough teachings from Hau, she matures to become a woman who loves the Tong family greatly and to be thankful all that she has in life. Lai's family, in return, is a complete contrast to her. As extremely greedy people, they use the Tong family as a bank, and took $5,000,000 HKD in one visit to fund the restaurant that Hau offered them as a gift for Yat and Lai's marriage. Lai's family ultimately combine with Kam and Duk's plot to obtain a share of the Tong assets. They are hated by the Tong's including Lai herself. They never regret their mistakes, even by the end. Tong Sum is the baby girl born to Jackie and Gilbert.


  • Sheung Joi Sum – Sum is a peaceful 25-year-old girl and is a friend of Yan and On. She starts off the series as a poor, unconfident and struggling young woman trying to look after her father who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. On who had feelings for her was rejected by her because she loved another man, Ching Leung. It so happens that she manages to end up working with him in a lawyer firm. They would eventually develop a relationship, but because of their misunderstandings they would often argue and break up various times. Their final break up would be after Leung begins a third-party relationship with her best friend, Ha. Later on in the series she matures into a blooming young lady and becomes a confident emerging lawyer. On finally has a chance to confront her with a proposal after Leung's death.
  • Ching Leung – Leung is a 27-year-old renowned lawyer. He is Sum's boyfriend towards the middle of the series. He is a moody but vigilant and caring figure who forever strives to do his best. Although he is a kind person, he has an inability to stay faithful and succumbs. At one point he had an affair with Sheung Joi Sum's best friend Shui Mak Mak, but he kept it quiet and reconciled with Sheung Joi Sum without admitting anything about the matter. Eventually information would slip and Sheung Joi Sum actively demands to know who was the other woman, but Ching felt exposing this matter would ruin everything and insists for her to drop the matter since he admitted his mistakes and assures Sheung Joi Sum it would never happen again. Sheung Joi Sum wasn't satisfied with such an answer and whenever he tries to comfort her, Tong Chi On would be around and he becomes jealous. After the big secret was exposed, everyone parted ways for some time and Leung would try to patch things between him and Sheung Joi Sum. Despite the fact that they broke up, Leung continues to love Sum. This is shown when he continues to write in his blog, Days without Sheung Joi Sum, three years after the break-up. He also helps Sheung Joi Sum think of ideas to defend Ling Lei. He eventually dies of a car crash in the end, because he was thinking about Sheung Joi Sum's decision to forgive him or not. Although he could be saved, he refuses to go to the hospital, using his final moments to tell Sheung Joi Sum ways to defeat Wong Sau-Kam. Sheung Joi Sum, who forgave Leung and is willing to renew their relationship, was greatly sadden by his death.
  • Shui Ming-Ha/Shui Mak Mak – Ha is Sum's best friend. She is a self-centered and power-hungry young woman who has experienced many relationships, often with them ending with disastrous results. During the series, she develops romantic feelings for Leung and she eventually helps Leung cheat on Sum by being Leung's girlfriend, leaving Sum hurt when she finds out. Ha went away and said that she married but it wasn't true – she just wanted Sum to be happy. She returns one last time during Alfred's funeral, regretting and apologising to Sum for forgiveness.
  • Sheung Joi Duk – Duk He is Sum's older brother and is the main antagonist in the series. He manages to turn Kam against the Tong family whilst she was living by herself when being kicked out of the family mansion by Hau. He is a greedy, smart but forlorn character who comes up with plans of taking the Tong family to court being hungry for the six hundred million dollars and he suffers from hair loss. In spite of On's constant generous aid to him, he schemes to get a piece of the Tong's family fortune while having multiple affairs with several women in mainland China. It's he that gave the worst malicious plans for Kam to use against the Tong family after all On had done for him. After an unsuccessful court case for the Tong assets (It was Sum's heartfelt speech in court that convinced Kam to give up the case), Duk tried get a reason and convince her to fight for the Tong fortune again, Kam, angry at him for his lies, attempts to run him over. He freaks and is never seen again.
  • Lai Cheuk Lan/Cho Bang – Cho Bang is Sum, Ha, and Yan's good friend. She appears mostly in the beginning of the series, and less more into the middle and end. She is a very cheerful and caring friend to Yan, Sum and Ha.


Week Average Points Peak Points Reference
1 (Episodes 1–5) 29 31
2 (Episodes 6–10) 29
3 (Episodes 11–15) 29
4 (Episodes 16–20) 32 34
5 (Episodes 21–25) 31 34
6 (Episodes 26–30) 33 36
7 (Episodes 31–35) 35 40
8 (Episodes 36–40) 40 48


The reception for the series was excellent, garnering a massive 46 peak points and topping at 48 points within the final minutes of its series finale. Thus, Heart of Greed was only 2 points behind Dae Jang Geum, the highest rated drama on TVB that garnered 50 points. Critical reaction was also excellent. This was shown when a massive crowd turned out to watch the finale in a shopping centre, Discovery Park, together with the cast. At the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony in 2007, the cast and crew were nominated and won many of the awards, including the prestigious "Best Drama" award. Elsewhere, Heart of Greed has also won many awards and excellent reception.[3]

List of awards and nominationsEdit

  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Drama
    • Heart of Greed
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – My Most Favourite Male Character Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – My Most Favourite Female Character Role
  • Yahoo! Buzz Awards – Best Television Series
    • Heart of Greed
  • Yahoo! Buzz Awards – Most Watched Series
    • Heart of Greed
  • Mingpao Awards – Best Actress on Television
  • Mingpao Awards – Best Series on Television
    • Heart of Greed
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Programmes
    • Heart of Greed
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Artists
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Artists
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Artists
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Artists
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Artists
  • The Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 – Next Magazine Top Ten TV Artists
  • 2009 : 2008 ASTRO Wah Lai Toi's Award – Favourite Couple
  • Television Committee Awards – Best Television Programs of 2007
    • Heart of Greed - 4th Place
  • Number One Television Awards – Actress with Most Potential

List of nominations (Top 5 finalists)Edit

  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – My Most Favourite Male Character Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – My Most Favourite Male Character Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – My Most Favourite Female Character Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – My Most Favourite Female Character Role
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Most Vastly Improved Actor
  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Most Vastly Improved Actress

DVD releaseEdit

Language/s Episodes Discs DVD release date
40 10 Hong Kong: June 11, 2007
Region 3
This release of Heart of Greed includes all 40 episodes. Special features include behind the scenes, golden quotes and more.


The series was successful enough to be commissioned another season. The tentative title for the new series was Heart of Greed II with its Chinese title, 溏心風暴之家好月圓. The sales presentation clip was released on this year's sales presentation on November 19. The clips gave clues about the new series which will feature Michelle Yim as the new villain and a mooncake business instead of abalone. On June 9, 2008, its official working English title was released, Moonlight Resonance. It surpassed Heart in both terms of support and ratings.


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