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List of Prime Ministers of Mozambique

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The following is a list of Prime Ministers of Mozambique, since the establishment of the office of Prime Minister of Portuguese Mozambique in 1974.

Prime Minister of the
Republic of Mozambique
Emblem of Mozambique.svg
Carlos Agostinho do Rosário.jpg
Carlos Agostinho do Rosário

since 17 January 2015
AppointerFilipe Nyusi,
as President of Mozambique
Inaugural holderMário da Graça Machungo
Formation17 July 1986


Prime Ministers of Mozambique (1974–present)Edit

Prime Minister Took office Left office Time in office Party Election
Portuguese Mozambique
1Chissano, JoaquimJoaquim Chissano
(born 1939)
20 September 197425 June 1975278 daysFRELIMO
People's Republic of Mozambique
Post abolished (25 June 1975 – 17 July 1986)

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of FRELIMO was a Politburo which briefly ruled the People's Republic of Mozambique between 19 October 1986 and 6 November 1986.[1]

Membership in 1986

Marcelino dos Santos Joaquim Chissano Alberto Chipande Armando Guebuza Jorge Rebelo Mariano de Araújo Matsinhe Sebastião Marcos Mabote Jacinto Soares Veloso Mário da Graça Machungo

José Óscar Monteiro
1Machungo, MárioMário da Graça Machungo
(born 1940)
17 July 19861 December 19904 years, 137 daysFRELIMO
Republic of Mozambique
(1)Machungo, MárioMário da Graça Machungo
(born 1940)
1 December 199016 December 19944 years, 15 daysFRELIMO
2Mocumbi, PascoalPascoal Mocumbi
(born 1941)
16 December 199417 August 20049 years, 245 daysFRELIMO1994
3Diogo, LuísaLuísa Diogo
(born 1958)
17 August 200416 January 20105 years, 152 daysFRELIMO2004
4Ali, AiresAires Ali
(born 1955)
16 January 20108 October 20122 years, 266 daysFRELIMO2009
5Vaquina, AlbertoAlberto Vaquina
(born 1961)
8 October 201217 January 20152 years, 101 daysFRELIMO
6Rosário, CarlosCarlos Agostinho do Rosário
(born 1954)
17 January 2015Incumbent4 years, 62 daysFRELIMO2014


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