Haze (disambiguation)

Haze may refer to:

  • Haze, atmospheric condition
  • Haze machine, device used in the entertainment industry to simulate the atmospheric condition
  • Turbidity, the cloudiness of a fluid or transparent solids, such as glass or plastic, as measured by the percentage of light that is deflected or attenuated
  • Haze (optics), the scattering of light out of the regular direction during reflection or transmission
  • Corneal opacification, central corneal opacification is a diagnostic "danger sign" in red eye (medicine)
  • Hazing, a practice of harassment and initiation
  • Hazing, to use voice, body and hand movements to scare away a wild animal

Haze may also refer to:

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  • Dolores Haze is the character after whose nickname Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita is named.



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  • Haze, an identifying name for a strain and a varieties of cannabis strains
  • Haze, the NATO reporting name for the Soviet Mil Mi-14 military helicopter

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