The Hawkeye 10 Conference is a high school athletic conference in Iowa made up of larger-mid-size schools in Southwest Iowa. Most members participate at the 3A level in all sports, which is the second highest level of competition in Iowa.

Hawkeye 10 Conference is located in Iowa
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference
Hawkeye 10 Conference School Locations
Hawkeye 10 Conference
FormerlyLittle 6, Hawkeye 6-7-8
ConferenceIHSAA / IGHSAU
FoundedFebruary 15, 1930
No. of teams11
RegionSouthwest Iowa

List of member schools

School Location Affiliation Mascot Colors Year Joined BEDS Enrollment (2024–2025)[1] Football Class 2021-22
Atlantic Atlantic Public Trojans     1930 367 3A
Clarinda Clarinda Public Cardinals       1930 244 2A
Creston Creston Public Panthers     1930 374 3A
Denison-Schleswig Denison Public Monarchs     1993 596 4A
Glenwood Glenwood Public Rams     1951 453 4A
Harlan Harlan Public Cyclones     1971 367 3A
Kuemper Catholic Carroll Private Knights     1993 225 1A
Lewis Central Council Bluffs Public Titans     1970 747 4A
Red Oak Red Oak Public Tigers     1930 241 2A
Shenandoah Shenandoah Public Mustangs & Fillies     1930 222 2A
St. Albert Catholic* Council Bluffs Private Falcons & Saintes     2013 125 A

*Heartland Christian School, located in Council Bluffs, co-ops with St. Albert Catholic for baseball, football, cheer, and softball.[2] Heartland Christian competes in other sports in the Frontier Conference of Nebraska.

Former member schools

School Location Affiliation Mascot Colors Year Joined Year Left Conference Left For
Corning Corning Public Red Raiders     1946 1970 Tall Corn
Villisca Villisca Public Blue Jays     1930 (founding member) 1962 Tall Corn (founding member)

In 2013, Corning and Villisca entered a joint operation agreement and are known as the Southwest Valley Timberwolves, competing in the Pride of Iowa Conference.

[3] *Classifications for football are set for two-year cycles with enrollment numbers from grades 9-11 from the school year before the cycle begins. For all other sports, enrollment numbers from grades 10-12 are used to determine classes for the current school year.

Conference History


In 1930, Creston approached Little Ten Conference members Atlantic, Clarinda, Red Oak, Shenandoah, and Villisca about breaking away from the conference to create their own league. The conference at the time consisted of those schools plus Bedford, Corning, Glenwood, and Sidney. During a meeting in Villisca on February 15, 1930, the schools decided to make it official. Soon after, The Little Six named was changed to the Hawkeye Six.

The 1930 track meet at Red Oak was the first official event, with Shenandoah claiming the first title in league history. Creston and Red Oak would tie for the football conference championship in the fall of '30.

In 1946 the conference went through their first phase of expansion when Corning was admitted, making the conference the Hawkeye Seven. Glenwood would follow in 1951, making it the Hawkeye Eight.

In 1962, Villisca withdrew from the conference to found the Tall Corn Conference, and Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln applied for membership, but was denied. Harlan would be invited at this time, but turned down an invitation to stay in the Midwest Conference.

In the fall of 1963, Lewis Central applied for membership, but was denied. The same happened in 1966 when St. Albert's Catholic and Maryville, Missouri both applied for membership and were denied.

Moving forward to 1968, Corning announced they would be leaving the conference in 1970 for the Tall Corn Conference as well. Lewis Central was soon admitted in 1970, and Harlan the following year.

The conference was known as the Hawkeye Eight until 1993 when Kuemper Catholic and Denison, recently partnered with Schelswig, joined. Beginning in the fall of 2013, St. Albert's Catholic finally became a member school as well, giving the conference 11 schools.

In 2017, the Missouri River Conference sent letters inviting both Lewis Central and Glenwood to join. Both schools declined.[4]

While the conference no longer sponsors football due to Iowa's district system, Harlan Community is one of the most storied football programs in the nation, having won 14 class 3A state titles since Iowa began the football playoff system in 1972. Harlan claimed titles in 1972, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2021, and 2022. Harlan holds the longest regular-season game winning streak (excludes post-season games) in Iowa high school football history, winning 66 straight games from 1985-1992. In addition, legendary coach Curt Bladt is the second winningest coach in state history, posting an unheard of 407-60 record in his career. Coach Bladt trails the all-time leader Dick Tighe by just 25 games despite the fact that Tighe coached for 63 years and Bladt has only coached for 40. Bladt has earned the honor of National High School Coach of the Year by the National High School Athletic Association, twice, and is also immortalized in a book titled Let the Chips Fall Where They May. Thanks to state titles held in Men's Basketball, Wrestling, and Baseball in recent years Harlan was also one of the finalist for ESPN's top High School Sport town in recent years.

State Champions

Year School Sport Class
1939 Creston Basketball Single Class
1953 Red Oak Track A
1956 Glenwood Football A
1956 Clarinda Track A
1962 Clarinda Cross Country A
1963 Clarinda Cross Country A
1963 Atlantic Golf A
1965 Red Oak Cross Country AA
1966 Red Oak Cross Country AA
1967 Creston Girls Golf A
1967 Red Oak Cross Country AA
1967 Glenwood Indoor Track A
1972 Harlan Football 3A
1973 Lewis Central Cross Country AA
1973 Red Oak Track A
1974 Shenandoah Cross Country B
1975 Shenandoah Cross Country A
1978 Denison-Schleswig Basketball 2A
1982 Harlan Football 3A
1983 Harlan Football 3A
1983 Atlantic Girls Track 2A
1984 Harlan Football 3A
1985 Atlantic Golf 3A
1987 Denison-Schleswig Tennis 1A
1988 Shenandoah Cross Country 2A
1989 Shenandoah Cross Country 2A
1989 Glenwood Track 3A
1989 Glenwood Wrestling 2A
1990 Atlantic Girls Basketball Single Class
1990 Glenwood Track 3A
1991 Shenandoah Cross Country 2A
1993 Harlan Football 3A
1994 Denison-Schleswig Baseball 3A
1994 Clarinda Wrestling 2A
1995 Harlan Football 3A
1995 Kuemper Catholic Golf 3A
1996 Harlan Baseball 3A
1997 Creston Basketball 3A
1997 Harlan Football 3A
1998 Kuemper Catholic Girls Basketball 3A
1998 Harlan Football 3A
1998 Atlantic Girls Track 2A
1999 Clarinda Girls Golf 2A
1999 Atlantic Girls Track 2A
2000 Lewis Central Wrestling 3A
2000 Atlantic Girls Track 2A
2001 Lewis Central Wrestling 3A
2001 Atlantic Girls Track 2A
2002 Atlantic Football 3A
2003 Harlan Football 3A
2003 Red Oak Tennis 1A
2003 Harlan Track 3A
2003 Atlantic Girls Track 2A
2004 Harlan Basketball 3A
2004 Harlan Football 3A
2004 Atlantic Girls Track 3A
2004 Lewis Central Wrestling 3A
2005 Kuemper Catholic Girls Golf 3A
2005 Harlan Football 3A
2006 Harlan Basketball 3A
2006 Kuemper Catholic Girls Golf 3A
2007 Red Oak Girls Bowling 1A
2007 Creston Wrestling 2A
2009 Harlan Football 3A
2009 Kuemper Catholic Golf 2A
2010 Glenwood Baseball 3A
2010 Kuemper Catholic Golf 2A
2010 Kuemper Catholic Girls Golf 2A
2011 Kuemper Catholic Golf 2A
2011 Glenwood Track 3A
2013 Creston Golf 3A
2013 Kuemper Catholic Girls Golf 3A
2013 Harlan Volleyball 4A
2013 Kuemper Catholic Football 2A
2014 Harlan Girls Basketball 4A
2014 Atlantic Girls Golf 3A
2014 Harlan Volleyball 4A
2015 Harlan Girls Basketball 4A
2016 Creston Wrestling 2A
2018 Kuemper Catholic Boys Golf 2A
2018 Glenwood Basketball 3A
2018 St. Albert Catholic Track 1A
2018 Kuemper Catholic Volleyball 3A
2019 Glenwood Girls Track 3A
2019 Lewis Central Boys Soccer 2A
2021 St. Albert Catholic Baseball 1A
2021 Harlan Football 3A
2022 Harlan Football 3A
2022 Creston Boys Track 3A
2022 Denison-Schleswig Boys Bowling 2A
2024 Creston Wrestling Dual Team 2A

State Team Championships Since Joining Hawkeye 10

School Titles
Harlan 22
Atlantic 12
Kuemper Catholic 12
Creston 8
Glenwood 8
Red Oak 7
Clarinda 6
Shenandoah 5
Lewis Central 5
Denison-Schleswig 4
St. Albert Catholic 2



There is a strong history of wrestling in the conference with four separate schools having won state team championships since Glenwood won the conference's first in 1989. Creston and Lewis Central lead the way, having won three state titles each.


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