Ḫattušili II

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Hattusili II (Hittite: "from Hattusa") may have been a king of the Hittite Empire (New kingdom) ca. the early 14th century BC (short chronology).

His existence is disputed. In the treaty between Muwatalli II and Talmi-Šarruma of Aleppo, reference is made to a ruler named Hattusili, but it is debated whether the reference is to an otherwise unknown Hittite ruler, or rather to Hattusili I.[1]

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  1. ^ For example, Astour, Michael, "Hittite History and Absolute Chronology of the Bronze Age" (1989) rejects his existence; Guterbock, H.G., JNES 29 (1970) accepts his existence, and Bryce, "Kingdom of the Hittites" (1998) remains undecided.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Arnuwanda I (?)
Hittite king
ca. early 14th century BC
Succeeded by
Tudhaliya II (?)