Haswell Islands

The Haswell Islands are a group of rocky coastal islands lying off Mabus Point, Antarctica, and extending about 3 kilometres (1.5 nmi) seaward. They were charted by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition under Douglas Mawson (1911–14), who applied the name "Rookery Islands" because of a large emperor penguin rookery on Haswell Island, the largest and seaward island in the group. In 1955 the Antarctic Names Committee of Australia proposed that the name Haswell be extended to the entire group.[1]

Haswell Islands
Haswell Islands is located in Antarctica
Haswell Islands
Haswell Islands
Location in Antarctica
Coordinates66°32′S 93°0′E / 66.533°S 93.000°E / -66.533; 93.000Coordinates: 66°32′S 93°0′E / 66.533°S 93.000°E / -66.533; 93.000
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

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