List of numbered roads in Hastings County

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This is a list of numbered roads in Hastings County, Ontario.

County Road # Local Name(s) Southern/Western Terminus Northern/Eastern Terminus Settlements served Additional Notes
1 Wallbridge-Loyalist Road County Road 2 County Road 14 Loyalist College
2 Old Highway 2 Stoney Point Road County Road 10 Trenton, Belleville, Milltown, Marysville, Deseronto Former King's Highway 2; follows King's Highway 49 from Belleville Road to York Road; a.k.a. Dundas Street in Trenton, Dundas Street in Belleville and Dundas Street in Deseronto
4 Sidney Street
Glenn Miller Road
Riverside Parkway
Dixon Drive, Trenton County Road 33 Trenton, Glenn Miller, Frankford
5 County Road 5
Mill Street
Frankford Road
Ashley Street
Mudcat Road
County Road 28 County Road 41 Wooler, Stockdale, Frankford, Foxboro
6 Blessington Road
Read Road
Enright Road
Deseronto Road
King's Highway 37 Scott's Mill Road Blessington, Read, Albert, Ebenezer
7 Shannonville Road County Road 2 King's Highway 37 Blessington, Halston, Chisholms Mills, Roslin
8 Hoards Road
Campbellford Road
Front Street
Mill Street
Ridge Road
Moira Road
Wingfield Road King's Highway 37 Anson, Stirling, West Huntingdon Station, Moira
10 Deseronto Road County Road 2 Kennelly Road Deseronto This road is the boundary between Lennox and Hastings counties.
11 Deloro Road King's Highway 7 King's Highway 62 Deloro, Malone
12 Cooper Road King's Highway 7 Bannockburn Road Hazzards Corners, Rimington, Allen, Cooper
13 Marlbark Road
Napanee Road
King's Highway 37 Youngs Road Stoco, Larkins, Farrell Corners, Marlbank
14 Foxboro-Stirling Road
Forsyth Street
Main Street
Cordova Road
County Road 5 Vansickle Road Foxboro, Stirling, Bonarlaw, Marmora
15 Marysville Road

Waddingham Road

Melrose Road

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory County Road 6 Lonsdale Intersects King's Highway 401 at Exit 566; continues as King's Highway 49.
16 Bayshore Road King's Highway 49 County Road 2 Deseronto
17 Point Anne Road Lane Crescent County Road 2 Point Anne
18 Airport Road College Street East, Belleville County Road 7 Belleville, Belleville Airport
19 Wellmans Road County Road 8 County Road 14 Wellman
20 Queensborough Road County Road 12 King's Highway 7 Hazzards Corners, Queensborough
21 RCAF Road County Road 2 County Road 22 CFB Trenton
22 Hamilton Road County Road 4 County Road 1 Trenton
23 St. Lawrence Street King's Highway 7 King's Highway 7 Madoc
24 Belleville Road King's Highway 49 County Road 10 Marysville
25 Flinton Road King's Highway 7 Lennox and Addington County limits Elzevir
26 Moneymore Road County Road 7 County Road 32 Chisholms Mills, Moneymore, Coulters Hill
27 Maitland Drive
Cannifton Road
Tank Farm Road
County Road 30 King's Highway 37 Cannifton
28 New Wooler Road Dalmas Road County Road 40 none minor rural route
30 Sidney Street County Road 2 County Road 31 Belleville
31 Vermilyea Road County Road 1 King's Highway 62 none minor connecting route
32 Napanee Road County Road 3 Cold Water Road Marlbank
33 Loyalist Parkway
Carrying Place Road
Dufferin Avenue
Dundas Street West
Division Street
Front Street
Water Street
Trenton Street
Trenton-Frankford Road
Trent Street
Mill Street
River Drive
Frankford-Stirling Road
Old Portage Road County Road 8 Trenton, Frankford, River Valley, Stirling
38 Spring Brook Road
Crookston Road
Rylstone Road King's Highway 37 Spring Brook, Crookston, Tweed
39 Sulphide Road King's Highway 37 Otter Creek Road Cosy Cove, Sulphide
40 County Road 40
Wooler Road
County Road 33 County Road 28 Highway 401 Exit 522
41 Phillipston Road King's Highway 37 County Road 8 Phillipston, Moira
62 Peterson Colonization Road King's Highway 62 Schweig Road Maynooth, Maple Leaf, Purdy
69 Kamaniskeg Lake Road
Siberia Road
District Road 62 Renfrew County limits none minor bush route
517 County Road 517 Boulter Road Coulas Road Craigmont
620 County Road 620 Peterborough County Road 504 King's Highway 62 Coe Hill, Ormsby