Hasta el fin del mundo

Hasta el fin del mundo (previously known as Sangre de guerreras),[2] is a Mexican telenovela premiered on Canal de las Estrellas on July 28, 2014, and concluded on April 19, 2015. The series is produced for Televisa by Nicandro Díaz González and adapted by Kary Fajer,[3] based on the Argentine telenovela produced by Telefe, entitled Dulce amor.[4]

Hasta el fin del mundo
Also known asUntil the End of Time[1]
Created byKary Fajer
Written byGerardo Luna
Gabriela Ortigoza
Screenplay by
  • Francisco Rengifo
  • Jaime Arturo Díaz
Story by
  • Enrique Estevanez
  • Laura Barneix
  • Marcelo Nacci
Directed by
  • Ricardo de la Parra
  • Marta Luna
Creative directorFlorencio Zavala
Music byCarlos Páramo
Opening themeSee below
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes206
Executive producerNicandro Díaz González
Production locations
  • Gabriel Vázquez Bulman
  • Alejandro Frutos
  • Jesús Nájera
  • Susana Valencia
  • Ioma Carmona
  • Rafael Minor
Camera setupMulti-camera
Production companyTelevisa
Original release
NetworkCanal de las Estrellas
ReleaseMay 3, 2014 (2014-05-03) –
June 8, 2015 (2015-06-08)

It stars Pedro Fernández, later replaced by David Zepeda, Marjorie De Sousa, María Rojo later replaced by Leticia Perdigón, César Évora, Claudia Álvarez, Diego Olivera as the titular characters, along with Mariana Seoane, Julián Gil, Roberto Palazuelos, and Roberto Vander as the main villains.



Sofía Ripoll (Marjorie De Sousa), a beautiful, intelligent and strong character, is the general manager of the Ripoll chocolate factory, the girlfriend of Patricio Iturbide (Julián Gil) and the older sister of Alexa (Claudia Álvarez) and Daniela (Jade Fraser). When her father passes away, Sofia is in charge of the family business because her mother, Greta Bandy (Olivia Bucio), a widow of Ripoll, decides to dedicate her life to the plastic arts by evading her responsibilities.

Salvador Cruz (Pedro Fernández/David Zepeda) is a simple man, noble and nice; racing driver and mechanic, but because of a sabotage, he loses an important career that ends his dreams, being forced to accept a job as a driver of Sofía. Both feel an immediate attraction, starting a story where they must overcome a series of obstacles, among them Patricio, an ambitious man that under the orders of Gerónimo Peralta (Roberto Vander), uses Sofía in attempts to possess and dismantle the premises where the Ripoll chocolate factory is located. Sofía has another enemy nearby, Silvana Blanco (Mariana Seoane), her supposed best friend, a woman resentful of a past event that marked her against The Ripoll family, is Patricio's lover and both will form an alliance to destroy the chocolate factory while manipulating Sofía and the Ripoll family.

Alexa (Claudia Álvarez) is an extroverted girl, capricious and spoiled by her mother. She returns from Spain because her economic situation is complicated, but she has made her family believe that she has a successful career in the world of cinema. Arriving in the city, Armando Romero (Diego Olivera, friend and compadre of Salvador, is the one who comes to meet her, causing a great attraction in Alexa, who will suffer aggression by the jealousy of Irma (Aleida Núñez), Armando's sentimental partner.

Daniela is the smallest of the sisters, a cute girl who gives light to her home. In a shopping center she meets Lucas Cavazos (Miguel Martínez) who will fill with love the life of the young woman, who is spontaneous and friendly, but has a difficult history due to the abandonment of Rosa, his mother and has been in the care of his grandmother Miguelina (María Prado), who works as cook at the Ripoll mansion. Lucas accepts illicit work in order to get his grandmother on.

The Ripoll sisters, will have an accomplice and counselor, Fausto Rangel (Alejandro Tommasi), butler in the mansion, to whom he dedicates his life in body and soul living next to them the most unusual situations. A secret that Greta holds, could change the life of the Ripoll sisters, especially of Sofia, who despite being a strong woman, will suffer the betrayal and pain of disappointment; nevertheless, his heart will not be able to resist the sweet taste of a new illusion next to Salvador. Sofía, Alexa, and Daniela will seek the path to happiness, each struggling for love, starting a journey that can take them to the end of the world.






  • Roberto Vander as Gerónimo Peralta de la Riva
  • Olivia Bucio as Greta Bandy de Ripoll
  • Alejandro Tommasi as Fausto Rangel
  • Aleida Núñez as Irma Fernández Martínez
  • Julio Camejo as Matías Escudero
  • Carlos Gascón as Alan Duncan
  • María Prado as Miguelina Ávila
  • Jorge Ortín as Refugio / Cuco
  • Jade Fraser as Daniela Ripoll Bandy
  • Miguel Martínez as Lucas Cavazos Valera
  • Mariana Van Rankin as Marisol Cruz Sánchez
  • Alan Slim as Cristian Blanco / Iker Gálvez
  • Nicolás Chunga as Fernando "Nandito" Romero Fernández
  • Roberto Palazuelos as Mauro Renzi
  • Roberto Ballesteros as Comandante Félix Tavares
  • Ricardo Barona as Antonio Manjarrez
  • Ivonne Ley as Ceci
  • Rafael del Villar as Langarica
  • Carlos Cámara Jr. as Octavio Ripoll
  • Ximena Herrera as Araceli Fernández
  • Sugchey Abrego as Iraís
  • Tony Bravo as Javier
  • Eddy Vilard as Oliver Peralta
  • Emireth Rivera as Morgana
  • Rebeca Mankita as Isadora
  • Vanessa Arias as Flor



Mexico broadcast


On July 28, 2014, Canal de las Estrellas broadcast Hasta el fin del mundo weeknights at 9:25pm, replacing Lo que la vida me robó. The last episode was broadcast on April 19, 2015, with Lo imperdonable replacing it the following day.[6]

Timeslot (MT) No. of
Premiered Ended
Date Premiere
(in points)
Date Finale
(in points)
Monday to Friday 9:15PM 191 July 28, 2014 24.0[7] April 19, 2015 21.7[8]

United States broadcast


On August 18, 2014, Univision broadcast Hasta el fin del mundo weeknights at 9pm/8c, replacing Lo Que La Vida Me Robó.[9] The last episode was broadcast on May 15, 2015, with Lo imperdonable replacing it on May 18, 2015.


1."Hasta el fin del mundo[10]"Pedro Fernández3:32
2."Puedes contar conmigo[11]"La Oreja de Van Gogh4:22
3."Tu primera vez[11]"José José4:32
4."Nada[12]"Prince Royce4:03
5."Tu sonrisa[13]"Miguel Martínez3:24
6."Te amaré"Alejandro Fernández3:50
7."Hasta el fin del mundo[14]"David Zepeda3:02

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2014 People en Español[15] Best telenovela Nicandro Díaz González Nominated[15]
Best Actress Marjorie de Sousa Nominated[15]
Galanazo del año Pedro Fernández Nominated[15]
Best on-screen chemistry Marjorie de Sousa and Pedro Fernández Nominated[15]
Best Female Antagonist Mariana Seoane Nominated[15]
Best Male Antagonist Julián Gil Nominated[15]
New York Latin ACE Awards[16] Best telenovela Nicandro Díaz González Won
Best Actress María Rojo Won
2015 Premios Juventud[17][18] Best Theme Novelero "Te amaré" by Alejandro Fernández Nominated[17][18]
Favorite Female Actress Marjorie de Sousa Nominated[17][18]
Kids Choice Awards México[19][20] Favorite Actor Miguel Martínez Nominated[20][19]
Favorite Program or Series Hasta el fin del mundo Won[20][17]




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