Hassan ibn Yahya

Hassan Hamid al-Din ibn Yahya

Hassan Hamid al-Din ibn Yahya (13 June 1908 – 13 June 2003) was Prime Minister of North Yemen from April 1948 to August 1955.


Born at Al-Qafla, Hashid. He was the third oldest of king Yahya's fourteen sons. During his father's reign, he served as Governor of Ibb Province (1938–1948). After his father's assassination, he supported his older brother Ahmad in becoming King of Yemen. Following a coup attempt by their younger brother Abdullah, he was dismissed as prime minister after being wrongfully suspected of supporting the coup attempt. He was appointed head of North Yemen's delegation to the UN. After the republican coup, he proclaimed himself King and travelled to Saudi Arabia, where he learned his nephew, King Muhammad was still alive. He subsequently withdrew his claim to the throne. He was appointed prime minister of the government-in-exile, and served two terms (1962–1967, 1969–1970). He died in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on his 95th birthday.

His title was Saif Al-Islam.