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Hassan Farsam (September 27, 1932 in Tehran – February 5, 2016) was an Iranian pharmacist and medical chemist. He studied pharmacy at Tehran University and became a medical chemistry specialist in 1960. Farsam received post doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Paris University (1964) and University of California (1988). He was a Professor of Medical Chemistry in Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He was also a permanent member of the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences. He published more than 100 original research papers in international and local journals, and he also trained several generations of pharmacy students. He supervised many students and inspired them to pursue a research career in the pharmaceutical fields. [1]


Scientific profileEdit


  • 1956 B.S. Pharmacy, Tehran Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
  • 1957 Pharm. D., Tehran Faculty of Pharmacy, The Tehran University
  • 1958 Certificate of Malarialogy, Institute of Health Research, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
  • 1959 Certificate. of Med. Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Tehran, Iran.
  • 1960 Specialist in “ Pharmaceutical Chemistry”, Tehran Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
  • 1964 Post Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Paris University, France.
  • 1964 Clinical Biochemistry, Paris Faculty of Medicine, Paris University, France.
  • 1994 Medical Laboratory. School of Medicine, Tehran University
  • 1968 Proficiency in English Language, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  • 1988 Post doctorate UCSF, USA


International AssociationsEdit

  • America Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist, AAPS
  • Society for Medicinal Plant Research
  • WHO Temporary advisor in Traditional Medicine & Medicinal Plants
  • Member of New York Academy of Science

National AssociationEdit

  • Permanent member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Iranian Association of Physiology and Pharmacology


  1. ^ Kamalinia, Golnaz; Ahmadian, Mohammad Mahdi. "Professor of the university of human making (Interview with Dr. Hassan Frsam)". Shbchragh Science Quarterly (in Persian). Iran. 2: 36–48.

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