Hasana J. Hakenmüller

Hasana J. Hakenmüller was a German textile company founded on 1. December 1887 in Albstadt-Tailfingen; it ceased operations in December 2000[1] Its brand name Hasana was concatenated from Hakenmüller and sana (Latin for healthy).

Hasana J. Hakenmüller
FoundedDecember 1, 1887 (1887-12-01) in Albstadt-Tailfingen, Germany
FounderJohannes Hakenmüller
DefunctDecember 2000


Product historyEdit

In 1971 the German Football Association granted Hasana exclusive rights for children's sports- and leisure underwear sporting the logo of each of the 16 teams competing in Bundesliga, Germany's professional football league. This later led to similar exclusive rights to use the logo of 1974 FIFA World Cup on textiles.


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