Harry Whittington (author)

Harry Whittington (February 4, 1915 – June 11, 1989) was an American mystery novelist and one of the pioneers of the paperback novel. Born in Ocala, Florida, he worked in government jobs before becoming a writer.

His reputation as a prolific writer of pulp fiction novels is supported by his writing of 85 novels in a span of twelve years (as many as seven in a single month) mostly in the crime, suspense, hardboiled, and noir fiction genres. In total, he published over 200 novels. Seven of his writings were produced for the screen, including the television series Lawman (1958-1962). His reputation as 'The King of the Pulps' is shared with author H. Bedford-Jones. Eight of Whittington's hardboiled noir novels were republished by Stark House Press.[1]


Whittington was published both under his own name, and with several pseudonyms:

  1. Ashley Carter
  2. Curt Colman
  3. John Dexter
  4. Tabor Evans
  5. Whit Harrison
  6. Robert Hart-Davis
  7. Kel Holland
  8. Harriet Kathryn Myers
  9. Suzanne Stephens
  10. Blaine Stevens
  11. Clay Stuart
  12. Hondo Wells
  13. Harry White
  14. Hallam Whitney
  15. Henri Whittier
  16. J. X. Williams
  17. William Vaneer

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