Harold D. Babcock

Harold Delos Babcock (January 24, 1882 – April 8, 1968) was an American astronomer and is the father of Horace W. Babcock. He was of English and German ancestry.[1] He was born in Edgerton, Wisconsin, before completing high school in Los Angeles and was accepted to the University of California, Berkeley in 1901.[2] He worked at the Mount Wilson Observatory from 1907 until 1948.[1] He specialized in solar spectroscopy and precisely mapped the distribution of magnetic fields over the Sun's surface, working alongside his son.[3] In 1953 he won the Bruce Medal.[4] Babcock died of a heart attack in Pasadena, California at age 86.[5]

The crater Babcock on the Moon is named after him, as is asteroid 3167 Babcock (jointly named after him and his son).


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