Hardy Rawls is a character actor. In 2003, Adweek,[1] Ad Age,[2] and the New York Post described Rawls' best-known role as that of the father on Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete & Pete.[3] For Maytag's 2004 marketing campaign, Rawls became the third actor to portray Ol' Lonely, replacing the retiring Gordon Jump;[1] Rawls was, in turn, replaced by Richmond, Virginia real estate broker Clay Jackson on April 2, 2007.[4]

Hardy Rawls
OccupationCharacter actor
Known forActing in
The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Rawls also performed in NBC's 1987 television film Bates Motel[5] as well as the TV series Law & Order, Judging Amy, and Ed.[3]


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