Harald Wiberg

Harald Wiberg (1 March 1908 – 15 August 1986) is a Swedish author, artist and illustrator. He was best known for his illustrations in the books about Tomten and of Astrid Lindgren.

Harald Wiberg

Life and careerEdit

Wiberg was born in Ankarsrum in 1908. He attended the Stockholm College of Drama (Stockholms dramatiska högskola).[1] Later he also studied in France and Italy. Most of his illustrations show Scandinavian landscapes, animals and traditional mythological figures.[2] In the 1960s, he became known in Sweden through his appearances in the nature documentary show Korsnäsgårde.[3] He became known internationally through his illustrations of the Tomten books: Tomten (1961) and Tomten and the Fox (1965). In the Swedish edition of these works, Wiberg's illustrations were published next to the original poems by Viktor Rydberg and Karl-Erik Forsslund. In the international editions the illustration appeared next to a text written by Astrid Lindgren, based on the poems and the illustrations.[4] The success of these works prompted Wiberg to write and illustrate his own Tomten book entitled Gammaldags jul. The book was translated into English (Christmas at the tomten's farm). Another work by Viktor Rydberg, Björn's Advent on Christmas Eve (Lille Viggs äventyr på julafton, 1980) was also illustrated by Wiberg. In 1976 he received the Elsa Beskow badge for his illustrations in the book The big snowstorm (Den stora snöstuellen, 1975). On August 15, 1986 he died in Falköping.[3]

Works (Selection)Edit

Year English Title Schwedish Title Author
Djur i naturen (1948) Harald Wiberg
1961 The world's strangest animals Världens underligaste djur (1957) Åke Löfgren
1961 The Tomten Tomten är vaken Astrid Lindgren
1962 Christmas in the Stable Jul i stallet (1961) Astrid Lindgren
1968 The bears of Big stream valley Björnarna i Storådalen (1960) Edor Burman
1964 Benjamin has a birthday Lill-Olle och sommardagen (1962) Hans Peterson
1968 Three wolverines of Rushing Valle Storbjörnen (1960) Edor Burman
1965 The Tomten and the Fox Räven och tomten Astrid Lindgren
1968 Christmas at the tomten's farm Gammaldags jul (1967) Harald Wiberg
Djur och landskap (1969) Harald Wiberg
1970 When Peter Was Lost in the Forest När Per gick vilse i skogen (1969) Hans Peterson
1970 Dogs of the world Hundar i färg (1966) Ivan Swedrup
1975 The big snowstorm Den stora snöstormen (1975) Hans Peterson
1981 The Christmas Tomten Lille Viggs äventyr på julafton (1980) Viktor Rydberg



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