Hao Lei

Hao Lei (born 1 November 1978) is a Chinese actress and singer, known for her starring roles in Lou Ye's films Summer Palace (2006) and Mystery (2012).

Hao Lei
Born (1978-11-01) November 1, 1978 (age 42)
Alma materShanghai Theatre Academy
OccupationActress, singer, songwriter, model
Years active1998–present
Li Guangjie
(m. 2007; div. 2009)

Liu Ye
(m. 2013)
AwardsGolden Horse AwardsBest Supporting Actress
2010 The Fourth Portrait

Musical career
GenresMandopop, alternative music
Labelsin.g Group


In 2003, Hao Lei starred in Liao Yimei's play Rhinoceros in Love in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Seoul.

In 2006, Hao starred in Lou Ye's film Summer Palace. The film was well-received abroad, but banned in China, due to its depiction of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and nudity.



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2001 The Story of First Love 初恋的故事 Xinyue
2006 Summer Palace 颐和园 Yu Hong
2008 Happy Birthday, Mr. An 生日快乐!安先生
2009 Empire of Silver 白銀帝國 Du Yunqing
2010 The Fourth Portrait 第四張畫 Wu Chun-lan
Love You 10000 Years 愛你一萬年
2011 The Man Behind the Courtyard House 守望者:罪恶迷途
2012 Love in the Buff 春嬌與志明 Shang Youyou's friend
Mystery 浮城谜事 Lu Jie
2014 Dearest 亲爱的 Lu Xiaojuan
The Golden Era 黃金時代 Ding Ling
2015 The Last Women Standing 剩者为王 Ms. Wang
2016 Kill Time 谋杀似水年华 Ms. Ding
MBA Partners 梦想合伙人 Wen Qing
One Night Only 天亮之前 Yuqing
Shining Moment 灿烂这一刻
2017 Namiya 解忧杂货店
2018 Hello My Dog

TV seriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1997 Waiting for You 等你 Shao Die
1998 Don't Cry Seventeen 十七岁不哭 Yang Yuling
Sisters 姐妹 Yin Xiaomai
2000 Home 缘来一家人 Jiang Jiu
The Brink 绝路 Xiaoqing
2001 Fat Cat Finding Families 肥猫寻亲记 Fang Jixiang
Appointment in Youth 相约青春 Wang Keying
Scholar Tofu 秀才豆腐 Princess Jinling
The Beauty and the Drug 红颜烈药 Xiaoyu
2002 Brotherhood 有情有义 Zhou Qian
The Young Wong Fei Hung 少年黃飛鴻 Dai Huolun
2003 The Young Son of Heaven 少年天子 Empress Borjigit
2004 The Execution of Chen Shimei 新鍘美案 Qin Xianglian
2005 Misty Love in the Palace 煙花三月 Kong Sizhen
The Olive Tree in My Life 我生命中的橄榄树 Ah Chun
2006 Sound of Colors 地下铁 Fu Mingming
The Tao Can Be Spoken 道可道 Gan Ruoyi
Zhang San, the Drunken Hero 醉俠張三 Li Cailian
Liu Bowen 神機妙算劉伯溫
  • Princess Nanfeng
  • Hanyan
2007 Secret Order 1949 密令1949 Su Xiaoya
Zhu Family Garden 朱家花園 Shen Wanting
Men and Legends 精武飛鴻 Lin Siyu
After the Night: Storm 夜來風雨 Sai Shangxue
2009 My Brother's Name Is Shun Liu 我的兄弟叫順溜 Shun Liu's sister
When Love Has Gone 当爱已成往事 Ma Fei
2010 Notice of Missing Person 寻人启事 Han Xueman
Sister Brides 姐妹新娘 Yin Liying
Dad I Was Pregnant with Your Child 爸爸我怀了你的孩子 Leyi
2012 The Magical Detective 通天神探 Shen Ruyue
2015 My Elder Brother & My Sister-in-Law 我的二哥二嫂 Li Yingzi
Full Love of the Courtyard 情满四合院 Qin Huairu
2016 The Starter Wife 头号前妻 Yan Ying
I Am Your Eyes 我是你的眼 Tian Chunni



Sad Things About TA
Studio album
ReleasedJune 2011
GenreMandopop, alternative music
LabelChina Record Corporation

All lyrics are written by Hao Lei.

1."Langzhong" (郎中; "Doctor")Yang Jiasong4:35
2."Huacai Yuezhang" (华彩乐章; "Colorful Musical Movement")Yang Jiasong4:09
3."Qianshui" (潜水; "Freediving") 4:58
4."Putao" (葡萄; "Grape")Hao Lei4:53
5."Wo" (我; "I")Yang Jiasong3:17
6."Ni" (你; "You")Yang Jiasong4:43
7."Woniu Yu Haidan" (蜗牛与海胆; "Snail and Sea Cucumber" — ft. Yang Jiasong)Yang Jiasong4:15
8."Tiansheng Sharenkuang" (天生杀人狂; "Natural Born Maniac Killer")Yang Jiasong, Hao Lei4:59
9."Xu Xian" (许仙 — ft. Yang Jiasong)Yang Jiasong5:09
10."Xiaowangzi Yu Si Yiqianwanci de Mao" (小王子与死一千万次的猫; "The Little Prince and the Cat Who Died Ten Million Times" — ft. Yang Jiasong)Yang Jiasong3:55
11."Sheng Sheng Man" (声声慢; "Slow, Slow Tune")Hao Lei5:09

Other songsEdit

Song Lyrics Music Notes
"Yangqi" (氧气; "Oxygen") Liao Yimei Zhang Guantian song in Rhinoceros in Love and Summer Palace
"Dang Ai Chengle Wangshi" (当爱成了往事; "When Love Became the Past") Chen Xi Dong Dongdong ending theme of When Love Has Gone
"Ren Yu Zhi Lian" (人鱼之恋; "Love Between a Man and a Fish" — duet with Yu Xiaowei) Hao Lei Zhao Weili theme song of Sister Brides

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year # Award Category Work Result
2010 47th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress The Fourth Portrait Won
2012 49th Golden Horse Awards Best Actress Mystery Nominated
2013 13th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
4th China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Actress Nominated
7th Asian Film Awards Best Actress Nominated
4th Youth Film Handbook Awards Best Actress Co-winner
2014 51st Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress The Golden Era Nominated
2015 6th Youth Film Handbook Awards Best Actress Nominated
34th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated
15th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Supporting Actress Dearest Nominated
2018 24th Shanghai Television Festival[1] Best Actress Full Love of the Courtyard Nominated
2019 6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Best Actress (Sapphire Category) Nominated [2]
2020 32nd Flying Apsaras Awards Outstanding Actress Nominated
7th The Actors of China Award Ceremony Best Actress (Sapphire) N/A Pending [3]


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