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Hanthawaddy Mibaya

Hanthawaddy Mibaya[note 1] (Burmese: ဟံသာဝတီ မိဖုရား, pronounced [hàɴθàwədì mḭbəjá]; c. 1536 – June 1606) was the chief queen consort of King Nanda of Toungoo Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1581 to 1599. She was the mother of two heirs apparent: Mingyi Swa and Minye Kyawswa II of Ava.

Hanthawaddy Mibaya
ဟံသာဝတီ မိဖုရား
Chief queen consort of Burma
Tenure10 November 1581 – 19 December [O.S. 9 December] 1599
PredecessorSanda Dewi
SuccessorThiri Maha Dhamma Yaza Dipadi Dewi
Bornc. 1536
Toungoo (Taungoo)
DiedJune 1606
1st Waso 968 ME
SpouseNanda Bayin
Issue1. Thakin Gyi[1]
2. Min Htwe (daughter)
3. Mingyi Swa
4. Khin Ma Hnaung (daughter)
5. Khin Pu (daughter)
6. Minye Kyawswa II
7. Thado Dhamma Yaza III
MotherDhamma Dewi?
ReligionTheravada Buddhism



The queen was one of King Tabinshwehti's two children listed in the Burmese chronicles.[2] Her mother may have been Dhamma Dewi.[note 2]

The princess married her cousin Nanda, the heir-apparent, in 1551. They were at least half-cousins since her father Tabinshwehti and Nanda's mother Atula Thiri were half-siblings, and may have been double cousins if her mother was Dhamma Dewi since Nanda's father Bayinnaung and Dhamma Dewi were siblings. The couple had seven children (four daughters and three sons) from the 1550s to c. 1569.[2][note 3]

She became the chief queen in 1581 when Nanda ascended to the throne. Nanda presided over the collapse of the Toungoo Empire over the next 18 years. In 1599, her husband lost power, and the royal couple was sent to Toungoo (Taungoo) by the victor Minye Thihathu II of Toungoo. The victor kept the royal couple well at the palace but his son Natshinnaung assassinated the fallen king a year later. Minye Thihathu was dismayed, and protected the queen. He moved her to stay with her eldest daughter, who was married to his younger brother, Minye Kyawhtin (later known as Thado Dhamma Yaza), with a full retinue of attendants.[2]

The queen spent her last years there, and died in June 1606.[3]


  1. ^ Hanthawaddy Mibaya means Queen of Hanthawaddy (Pegu/Bago). Her birth name is not mentioned in the chronicles.
  2. ^ Though chronicles do not explicitly mention her mother's name, it is probable that the mother was Dhamma Dewi, one of the two chief queens of Tabinshwehti in the 1530s, based on the fact that the daughter achieved the chief queen status. Typically, daughters of senior queens were favored to become chief queens.
  3. ^ Since the third child Mingyi Swa was born on 27 November 1558 per (Ohn Shwe 1966: xxviii), they must have had the first child by 1556, if not earlier. The sixth child Minye Kyawswa II of Ava was born in Nadaw 929 ME (1 November to 30 November 1567) per (Zata 1960: 47). Their seventh and final child must have been born in late 1568 or early 1569 at the earliest.


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Hanthawaddy Mibaya
Born: c. 1536 Died: June 1606
Royal titles
Preceded by
Sanda Dewi
Chief queen consort of Burma
10 November 1581 – 19 December 1599
Succeeded by
Thiri Maha Dhamma Yaza Dipadi Dewi
Preceded by
Atula Thiri
Princess consort of Burma
11 January 1551 – 10 November 1581
Succeeded by
Natshin Medaw