Hanshou South railway station

Hanshou South railway station (Chinese: 汉寿南站; pinyin: Hànshòunán zhàn) is a railway station in Hanshou County, Changde, Hunan, China.[1] It is an intermediate stop on the Shimen–Changsha railway.

Hanshou South

General information
LocationHanshou County, Changde, Hunan
Coordinates28°50′41.11″N 111°56′21.29″E / 28.8447528°N 111.9392472°E / 28.8447528; 111.9392472Coordinates: 28°50′41.11″N 111°56′21.29″E / 28.8447528°N 111.9392472°E / 28.8447528; 111.9392472
Line(s)Shimen–Changsha railway

The station opened in 1997. On 1 April 2022, the name of the station was changed from Hanshou to Hanshou South. The new station on the currently under construction Changde–Yiyang–Changsha high-speed railway simultaneously had its name changed from Hanshou South to Hanshou.[2]

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