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Hans Tausen Ice Cap (Danish: Hans Tausens Iskappe) is an ice cap in Peary Land, northern Greenland. Ice cores show it is around 3500–4000 years old. It formed since the Holocene climatic optimum of 6000-8000 BP.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Hans Tausen Ice Cap
Hans Tausens Iskappe
Map showing the location of Hans Tausen Ice Cap
Map showing the location of Hans Tausen Ice Cap
Location within Greenland
TypeIce cap
Coordinates82°30′N 37°30′W / 82.500°N 37.500°W / 82.500; -37.500Coordinates: 82°30′N 37°30′W / 82.500°N 37.500°W / 82.500; -37.500
Areaca 4,000 km2
Length100 km
Width80 km
Thicknessmax 600 m
StatusThe future development of the ice cap is highly dependent upon summer temperatures.[1]


The ice cap is located south of the De Long Fjord area and east of Freuchen Land, across the inner J.P. Koch Fjord, and west of Odin Fjord.[8] It is about 100 km from north to south and 80 km from east to west and sits on a 1300 m high plateau.

The Hans Tausen Ice Cap is the source of many glaciers, including Ymer Glacier, Lur Glacier and the Tjalfe Glacier.[9] It is a well studied ice cap, and is important to understanding the last Climatic Optimum. (Holocene climatic optimum)[10]

Map of Far Northern Greenland.

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