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Hans Willem Blom (born 25 April 1947, Zandvoort) is a Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at Erasmus University. Previously he lectured at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Cambridge University. He edits Grotiana, a journal devoted to studies on the Dutch thinker Hugo Grotius.[1] He was also on the editorial board of Hebraic Political Studies. He is a member of the advisory board of EUROCLIO.

Hans Blom
Nationality Dutch, European Union
Scientific career
Fields History of Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy
Institutions Erasmus University

Published workEdit

  • Monarchisms in the Age of Enlightenment. Toronto. 2006. 
  • Grotius and the Stoa. Van Gorcum. 2004. 
  • Hobbes: The Amsterdam Debate. Olms. 2001. 


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