Hani Mitwasi

Hani Mitwasi (Arabic: هاني متواسي, born 1983 in Kuwait City) is a Jordanian singer-musician[1] who is famous for singing in the ‘Spanish-Levant' music genre. After several years of following his passion of the Spanish and Flamenco music, He got his BA in music science at the 'Jordan Academy of Music in 2005, in addition to his 5 years of studying the flamenco guitar.[2]


Musical careerEdit

Hani released his first album "Khamrat Al Hob" (Translation: "the Liquor of Love") in 2006 which comprised the remaking of six folklore Levant songs in the new ‘Spanish-Levant' line of music.

After witnessing the success of his first album in the Levant region, Hani went on to release his second album "Barmi El Salam" (Translation: "Spreading my Salutation") in 2007 where it consisted the remake of five folklore Levant songs in the new "Spanish-Levant' line of music in addition to one of his singles "Barmi El Salam".

Following the success of the second album, 'Platinum Records' contracted Hani where they jointly produced a new album called "Ozran Habibi" (Translation: "Apologies my love") which was one of the factors that led Hani to win the 'Jordan Music Award' for best Jordanian artist in 2010. This album was not based on the Spanish-Levant style, rather it consisted of 9 originals that were based on the modern style of Levant music.[3]

Hani is known for his live performances; in 2012; he reproduced and sang live "Mawtini" (Translation: "My homeland"), one of the most famous national songs in Arab history, where it inspired several regional artists to record it in a similar performance. In 2013, Hani performed live along with Alberto Lopez and his band in a Flamenco Levant concert which resulted in an audience exceeding 5,000 people. The concert was recorded and released in an album called "Live Concert".[4]

Hani continues to play a role outside the stage where he was appointed as one of the judges in the talent show of "Jordan star" in 2015 and 2017.


  • Khamrat Al Hob 2006
  1. Khamrat Al Hob
  2. Talaa men Bait Abooha
  3. Ya Lour
  4. Fog El Nakhal - Hali Hal
  5. Ya Msaleeny
  6. Ghazale
  • Barmi El Ealam 2007
  1. Sebooni ya Nas
  2. Telet ya Mahla Norha
  3. Ya Reem
  4. Awal Eshret Mahbooby
  5. Ya Tair ya Tayer
  6. Barmi El Salam
  • Ozraa Habibi 2010
  1. Wenak Habibi
  2. Sebooni ya Nas
  3. Lawn El Bahr
  4. Enhebek
  5. Ahwaly Matsoresh
  6. Jay Ala Bali
  7. Men Be'ed
  8. Albi Ablak Tah
  9. Ozraa Habibi
  • Live Concert 2014
  1. Hali Hal
  2. Khamrat Al Hob
  3. Sahar El Layali
  4. Lela Ya Samra
  5. Seboni Ya Nas
  6. Ya Lour
  7. Ya Reem
  8. Ya Mohra
  9. Dalona
  10. Slema
  11. Sabri Alek Tal
  12. Awel Marra
  13. Ensa Gharamak
  • Singles
  1. wala Ala Baly
  2. Ya Mohra
  3. Mawtini
  4. Haqiq Helem ( World Cup )
  5. Ouli El kelme
  6. Majnoon Bhobbak
  7. Esmy Elazzabi
  8. Al Rajol Al Aly

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