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Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is a 2017 American comedy film directed by Jeff Garlin and written by Garlin and Andrea Seigel. The film stars Garlin, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Sedaris, Leah Remini, Christine Woods and Steven Weber. It was released on Netflix on May 5, 2017.

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie
Handsome A Netflix Mystery Movie poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byJeff Garlin
Produced byBrad Morris
Andrew Secunda
Written byJeff Garlin
Andrea Seigel
StarringJeff Garlin
Natasha Lyonne
Amy Sedaris
Leah Remini
Christine Woods
Steven Weber
Music byBen Folds
CinematographyJason Blount
Edited byJon Corn
JZM Films
Distributed byNetflix
Release date
  • May 5, 2017 (2017-05-05)
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited States



Gene Handsome, a police detective in Los Angeles, lives alone with his dog Candy. His boss, Lieutenant Tucker, forces him to accept a container of homemade cookies despite his protestations that he is trying to lose weight. While walking his dog, he meets his next door neighbor, a private detective with an accordion playing wife. Handsome denies that his dog defecated on the neighbor's lawn, and the neighbor tells him a new neighbor has moved in to the house on the other side of Handsome's. Handsome takes the cookies to the new neighbor's house as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift, but her babysitter, Heather Dromgoole, refuses to accept them so he leaves them on the porch. The next day, Handsome and his foul-mouthed partner, Fleur Scozzari, arrive at a crime scene. Handsome is surprised to find Dromgoole has been dismembered outside of the home of actor Talbert Bacorn. After dismissing the bizarre hypotheses of several trainee detectives, Talbert deduces that Dromgoole, who he knows is cautious, must have known her killer. Bacorn says that at the time of the murder, he was taking care of his neighbor's dog and watching a TV rebroadcast of one of his early films.

When Handsome meets his new neighbor, Nora Vanderwheel, she says Dromgoole was a good babysitter despite stealing several items from her. She leaves her daughter, Carys, with Handsome while she goes to work. Upon her return, she expresses loathing for her job as a dental assistant. She and Handsome bond when he suggests their jobs require them to see people at their worst. She directs him to Dromgoole's roommate, Amanda. While interviewing Amanda, Handsome notices an extravagant lotion on her dresser, and Amanda says Dromgoole received it while she was dating an older man, later revealed to be Lloyd Vanderwheel, Nora's ex-husband. Lloyd denies having sex with Dromgoole and says he was a father figure. Scozzari makes an excuse to stay behind and has sex with Lloyd. Handsome learns from the medical examiner that Dromgoole's body is covered in an expensive cream and has a round dent in her skull.

After examining Dromgoole's phone records, Handsome believes Lloyd hired Dromgoole to spy on his ex-wife, which Lloyd admits to. On the way out of Lloyd's office, Handsome charms Lloyd's secretary into giving him the company's coffee table book, which Handsome discovers contains a photograph of Dromgoole and Bacorn attending the same sponsored event. Nora visits Handsome when Carys is at a friend's house. Handsome and Nora are surprised to realize that they have had the same dream about escaping their current life to live in the country and care for dogs. Nora falls asleep on his couch, waking momentarily to ask him a bizarre question. Handsome leaves her on the couch and sleeps in his own bed with his dog.

Lloyd explains that the picture was taken at a celebrity gala where he provided the fireworks and Dromgoole tagged along by pretending to be his assistant. Annoyed she could not take one of the "swag bags" given to celebrities, which included expensive lotions and creams, she befriended Bacorn. Handsome leaves to interview Bacorn again, and Scozzari again makes an excuse to stay behind with Lloyd. Before talking to Bacorn, Handsome sees Bacorn's neighbor's dog is unattended, so he breaks in to fill the dog's water dish. Afterwards, he discovers that the handles of the neighbor's tools are covered in a cream. At Bacorn's house, Handsome notes that Bacorn has applied an expensive cream to himself, the same brand as the lotion he found at Dromgoole's apartment, and asks if the cream comes with a lotion. Bacorn says he received the cream and lotion at the party Dromgoole and he attended, and he kept the more expensive cream for himself and gave the lotion away. Handsome makes a show of checking Bacorn's locks. As Handsome looks around Bacorn's house, he finds a large, round award in the bedroom.

When Handsome denigrates Bacorn's acting as a test, Bacorn becomes enraged, confirming Handsome's suspicion. Handsome points out that Dromgoole had a history of teasing people and speculates that Bacorn gave Dromgoole the lotion on the night of the party. He suggests that on another night, Bacorn applied cream to Dromgoole during sex. As they watched Bacorn's films, Handsome says Dromgoole ridiculed Bacorn's acting. In a rage, Bacorn accidentally killed her when her head struck his award. According to Handsome, Bacorn dismembered her body using his neighbor's tools and dumped the body on his own lawn because no one would suspect a killer of disposing of the evidence in a way that made him look guilty. Bacorn attacks Handsome and nearly wrestles his pistol away. Scozzari bursts into the room and saves Handsome; Handsome had unlocked Bacorn's patio door while pretending to make sure it was locked. When Handsome tells Nora the case has been closed, she surprises him by saying that she is moving to the country and taking a new job giving massages to dogs, and believes him too angelic to date. After another conversation with the private detective next door, Handsome encourages his dog to defecate on the lawn, and then goes home.



On June 14, 2016, Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film.[1] The film was released on Netflix on May 5, 2017.[2]


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