Hanae Yokoya

Hanae Yokoya (横谷 花絵, Yokoya Hanae, born March 25, 1978) is a Japanese former figure skater. She is the 1995 Japanese national champion. Her highest placement at the World Figure Skating Championships was 10th, which she achieved in 1995 and 1996. Yokoya retired from competitive skating following the 1998-1999 season. She currently works as a coach.

Japanese name
Kanji横谷 花絵
Kanaよこや はなえ
Hanae Yokoya
Personal information
Country representedJapan
Born (1978-03-25) 25 March 1978 (age 42)

Competitive highlightsEdit

GP: Champions Series / Grand Prix

Event 92–93 93–94 94–95 95–96 96–97 97–98 98–99
Worlds 10th 10th 23rd
GP Final 5th
GP Lalique 8th 11th
GP NHK Trophy 2nd 4th 9th 9th
GP Skate America 5th
GP Skate Canada 2nd
GP Sparkassen 7th
NHK Trophy 9th
Universiade 11th
International: Junior
Junior Worlds 6th
Japan Champ. 1st 2nd WD 4th 4th
Japan Jr. Champ. 3rd 1st
WD = Withdrew