Hammond's Knoll

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Hammond's Knoll is a 6-mile (9.7 km) long sandbank off the coast of Norfolk, England at Happisburgh, to the east of Haisborough Sands. The sandbank at low tide has a depth of 6 fathoms (11 m) at each end, and 3 fathoms (5.5 m) in the centre. The sandbank has lighted buoys at its north and east ends.

Hammond's Knoll
Haisboro Sands.jpg
Location map of Hammond's Knoll (right edge of map)
LocationSouthern North Sea
Coordinates52°52′N 1°55′E / 52.867°N 1.917°E / 52.867; 1.917Coordinates: 52°52′N 1°55′E / 52.867°N 1.917°E / 52.867; 1.917

Ships wrecked on Hammond's KnollEdit

Some of the ships wrecked here include:

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