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The Palestinian government of June 2007 by Ismail Haniyye was formed in the Gaza Strip, following an intensive inter-factional Palestinian warfare in the Gaza Strip, in which Fatah was ousted by Hamas party. While another alternative Fatah-led Palestinian government was formed in the West Bank and widely recognized as the representative government of the Palestinian National Authority, it is viewed by Hamas and some other elements as illegitimate and unconstitutional. President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas suspended certain articles from the Basic Law in order for the alternative West Bank based cabinet to be sworn in without the approval of the Palestinian Legislative Council, seated in Gaza Strip. Ismail Haniyeh considers the Fatah government in the West Bank illegitimate, and exercises de facto rule over the Gaza Strip, supported by the Palestinian Legislative Council, which is dominated by members of Hamas.

This Hamas cabinet of June 2007, in parallel with the Fatah cabinet of June 2007, succeeded the national unity government.[1] In September 2012, Ismail Haniyye appointed a reshuffled government in Gaza.

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