Halve Maen (Efteling)

Halve Maen[1] (English: Half Moon) is a Pirate Ship ride at Efteling theme park in the Netherlands. Designed by Ton van de Ven and manufactured by Intamin, it opened its doors in 1982.[2]

Halve Maen at the Efteling in 2007

History and detailsEdit

The Pirate Ship is not actually themed as a “Pirate Ship”, but a copy of the VOC - merchant Halve Maen of the Dutch East India Co. VOC, the first limited company. The theming for the surroundings of the ride consists of a harbour in the Anton Pieck style.

It is the largest Pirate Ship in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.[3]

The RideEdit

Ride Height: 20 meters
Highest Swing: 25 meters[4]
Maximum Speed: 54 km/h[5]
g-forces: 0 negative[6]
Capacity: 85 visitors


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