Abyssal halosaur

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The abyssal halosaur (Halosauropsis macrochir) is a species of bottom-dwelling, deep-sea fish in the family Halosauridae that is found in all oceans at depths of 1100 to 3500 meters.[1][2] It is the only member of its genus.[3]

Abyssal halosaur
Halosauropsis macrochir.jpg
Abyssal halosaur, Halosauropsis macrochir
Scientific classification

Collett, 1896
H. macrochir
Binomial name
Halosauropsis macrochir
(Günther, 1878)
  • Halosaurus macrochir Günther 1878
  • Aldrovandia macrochir (Günther 1878)
  • Halosaurus goodei Gill 1883
  • Halosaurus niger Gilchrist 1906

Abyssal halosaur can reach total length of at least 76 centimetres (30 in) and weight in excess of 400 grams (14 oz). Berstad et al.[2] could not sex fish smaller than 25 cm, giving an indication about length at maturation. Abyssal halosaur are long-lived, with maximum reported age of 36 years, although individuals sampled on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were mostly <20 years. It appears to be an opportunistic feeder, mostly taking epibenthos and small fish.[2]


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